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I just to get approve for care credit an they denied me i have a cat with a swollen broken leg an all my around here takes care credit i guess u have to make a million dollars before they touch u they are just another scamm dont waste ur time with them Add comment

Do not have a checking or savings and want to pay my bill but you don't accept debit from paycheck card. Add comment

  • Nov 25
  • Professional Services
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Positive Experience
  • 14

One year ago, I financed over $5,000, 12 months same as cash, via my eye doctor for ocular lens implants. Two months before the promotion ended, I was reminded, in red ink of the impending due date. I was able to call CareCredit and have them remove some additional monies from another smaller promotion to the large one. I am paid, in full, seven days before the promotion percent... Read more

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  • Oct 28
  • Credit Cards
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Automatic Payment
  • 1
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  • 190

As someone else related, I paid the amount due by automated system with the message at the end saying no further payment is due. Somehow they keep levying late fees while the phone system says no payment is due? I think I am confused but tried to explain that I have never felt so ripped off by any other credit card company. Their call center is in the Phillipines. I think they are a total... Read more

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Care Credit is the worse card I currently have. .I was told by my now no longer in business veterinary. .That my bill will not be over $50.00 a month. .Now it's almost $200.00 a month. .Once the promotion which I had no idea about was added to my card.. Add comment

  • Oct 16
  • Credit Cards
  • Payment Issues
  • 147

I had the same problem around the same time. When I called their customer service number, the rep insisted there were no problems with the website and said I must not know what I was doing. As I've been working with computers longer than she probably has been alive, I asked to speak to a supervisor. At first, she refused, saying that the supervisor would just tell me the same thing she had--that... Read more

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I don't know yet' so I a, glad to read all the experiences' I applied and just rec card-the terms are in Spanish which I DO NOT COMPREHEND? I can only wonder if it's because they don't want ,e to understand. I was too as long as paid 12mos Add comment

  • Sep 05
  • Credit Cards
  • Credit Card Access
  • 118

When I enter my information as I always have, the screen goes blank. When I call GE Credit the rep. said there is no problem with the system. They won't take my payment without a charge. They play like this is all news to them that there is a problem. It is Very frustrating as I am not a late payer. I have been paying for years on line and don't like spending so much time trying to pay my... Read more

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  • Sep 05
  • Credit Cards
  • West Springfield, Massachusetts
  • Medical Service Credit
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  • 249

my doctor advised me to use "care" credit for lasik eye surgery a couple years ago. this credit card compay WILL NOT hesitate to charge you interest after the "promotion" is up. they charged me $700 in one month from the previous "free" months. i do not understand how 26.99% is considered caring! the minimum payment is for $70 but they are charging me $50-60 in interest a month! who in thier... Read more

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  • Aug 31
  • Credit Cards
  • Credit Line
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  • 1
  • 242

It used to be that if your pet needed expensive emergency care or any kind of expensive care but you didn't have all the money you needed to pay for it, a veterinarian would either treat the animal first and bill you later, or accept what you had at the time and take installments on the rest. But ever since CareCredit wormed its way into every veterinary practice in the country, vets tell you to... Read more

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