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Carecredit was offered but i was not approved for the funds due to my son's dental was not d- grade to get the funding so i had to pay out of pocket monthly payments for 2 darn years and finally paid it off!!!! And they have this card still on my credit report! Add comment

Be sure you read the fine print. I had been with Care Credit for a few years & always paid off the account many months before it was due & always paid chunks at a time. On the last account, I decided to use up the entire agreed promotional period & pay it out over that period. Care Credit did not honor the promotional period according to my agreement. I technically had 10 months left to pay off the account & they required that I pay it off in 5... Read more

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I also have forgot pass word although sometimes I have to use the same pass word & the second time it works...its IMPOSSIBLE to get any live help with this problem...I understand security but seriously there must be a better way to update information! Add comment

I tried paying off two of my special promotions on 04/26/16. The money came out of my bank account on 04/27/16. They still didn't allocate it the right way. They put the money on my promotion with fixed payment/reduced APR. I kept checking my CareCredit account online to see if they were going to apply the payment like I wanted them to. I noticed that my available credit amount was off by the amount I paid on the 26th. I called and spoke with a... Read more

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I have had care credit for a little over a year. I originally got it to have for Vet emergencies. Bonus factor was i could use it as well for certain things. Thought it was a great thing to have. Yesterday 4/23/16 i receive a letter from them that they cancelled my card because i have NOT used it in a year.. Excuse me? WTF? the inquiry for applying for it hasn't even dropped off my credit report yet,AND now i have the credit damage of a closed... Read more

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I've have care credit for over a year. Just as soon as I was ready to use it, I called only to find out they canceled my credit line with out even notifying me. This really *** me off because I still have the inquiry ding on my credit wtf?!? Read more

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This is an open letter to anyone interested in open a Care Credit account. Simply do not do it. My fiancée had to get some dental work done, which was not covered by insurance at the time. So the dentist offered her a care credit card with should be paid in full over the course of a 12 month period. Well what they do not tell you is how F*****G terrible there services really are; after “paying” online for the first 3 months through their... Read more

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I had CareCredit for several years ones it was switch to Synchrony Bank I always had problem logging in. I started to see that instead of my account lower down with extra payments I made, I owe more. I found out that somehow I had an “insurance” that if I lost my job it would cover my balance. I finally disputed that money, I was supposed to get reimburse for $397.00 that I still haven’t received. I got tire of waiting, so I just paid off my... Read more

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I have been a Care Credit Card holder for many years and have always paid my bills on time - anytime bills weren't paid on time was due to a problem with Care but with a phone call was able to get things straightened out - in all the years I had the card never paid interest and as I said my bills were paid on time. Due to some stores closing I'm technically employed but have no work - as a result my credit rating due to problems with other... Read more

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recently had computer crash so I bought a new one and while trying to figure out care credit websight so I could pay my bill- It would not let me past the "update info required" what the ***? been about 2 weeks now. when I call the number on card- automated- UGHHH- cant talk with a human to figure out the issue. about as helpful as the *** website they've spent 10.00 to get up and running. Sorry, just very frustrated and figured I wouldnt... Read more

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