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Blood Sucking ***! By far the worst credit card company EVER!

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This company has told me so many lies. First I was told I had one year free interest, after 6 months they added $900 to my acct for interest and $120 every month after. My min payment is 119.00/month and I always pay $400-$500 monthly and my payment seems to never decrease.i have called several times and all I get is a bunch of rude, lying representatives.

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Won't take calls unless you pay 10 dollars to speak to someone aabout your bill. Have written and no answer. They want to charge me $79.67 interest on top of $150.00 last payment. We went with the 6 months to pay with no interest. This going to the Better Business Bureau. Have been longtime customers. I feel as if they are preying on people who cannot afford dental work. Why won't you take customer calls. I have two accounts, one with... Read more

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Horrible customer service. They are definitely looking for your money. I called and was told immediately to pay. There was no "how can I help you"? I wanted to refer folks to them but I have been paying almost two years. Yuck. I try to get out of dental work, just clean please.

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I opened a Care Credit account for some dental work. I don't recall them stating there was a 24 month agreement????? At the end of the 24 months I have a balance of $191.00 and they charged me $200.00 interest. WTF......Have closed my account beward of any accounts you have with them. Was not aware of this penalty and was not informed prior to the 24 month expiration date. Please do not do business with this company I am reporting them to the... Read more

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An escalation specialist (customer service manager) named Jesse finally answered my call. (My ONLY complaint - too many calls, not enough people to handle them.) I had been hospitalized for a while, so I missed bills and payments. The interest was 4 TIMES the original amount. Scared? Yes. (I'm on SS - I wouldn't live long enough to pay the bill.) Furious? Not really - that's how banks and computers work, but there should be some sort of... Read more

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I'm glad I came here and realized it wasn't just me. I have a Care Credit card I use for my pets to take them to the vet. I use it occasionally as my dogs only go to the vet once or twice a year. I like to have it though in case of an emergency with one of my pets so I would never have to worry about where the money from the vet bill was coming from. Received a letter today that they are closing my account. When I called they said I would have... Read more

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I got my care credit card about my cat needed emergency surgery. My credit limit was $3,500 which I hit pretty quickly. I paid $1,050 online with my own bank account. The money came out of my account and went towards my "available balance" 2 days later. However, it did not go towards my available credit even though the payment has been "posted" online. Not to mention I now have a negative credit limit because my payment came before my first bill... Read more

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I was given a care credit account with a high limit, which is weird, considering that I had filed for bankruptcy less than 5 years ago. I have a Toys r Us account with Synchrony bank, which for me, has been nothing less than a nightmare and when I found at they are financing Care Credit, I immediately closed the account. I charged $25.00 dollars on the Toys R Us credit card in December of 2015. Now, my balance is up to $158.00 all because of... Read more

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