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My husband & I had a Care Credit account and only used it for vets bills & dental. We both had great credit & all our accounts were in good standing, until my husband lost his job & I was injured at work.

We tried for a while to keep up with the payments, but they were getting higher & higher & we have a home & children to take care of. After a while we just stopped paying. Now they want to take us to court for the second time, when we tried to set up a payment arrangement, they refused to accept what we could afford.

Now they want to add court fees to our balance. Not a company I recommend dealing with ever again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

Monetary Loss: $2900.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #632967

Im a new customer the first month they charged me 300+ now its 600+ my dentist told me and from the ge hand out i should pay only within the range of 174 - 194. My phone minutes were already gone following up on them.

Plano, Texas, United States #621386

So sad, you are mean, you have not walked in their shoes you have no idea wht they have been through, Einstien said, the highest form of ignorance is rejecting or judging something you know nothing about

to S0_Sad Beaverton, Oregon, United States #634814

I see you have never had a financial hardship in your life. Good for you. I hope you continue to have good luck, and never have a reduction in income, or an unexpected medical problem.

to Walking in Their S***s Columbus, Ohio, United States #639749

I agree with you,so sad had never had financial hardship and that is great. Not all people are that lucky!!

I have a friend who has lost their job due to company closing 8 months ago. He still has not found a job. He also tried to set up payment arrangment with this shady company and got turned down. He is NOT a deadbeat.

He was responsible enough to contact them to work out a payment arrangment and got turned down!! How is that being a deadbeat????

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