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Care-Credit has destroyed my credit score. Long story short, a day after I agreed to care credit and my sons braces, I realized that the dentist used fraudulent advertising and so I called the dentist and told him to cancel my service.

He said it was too late to cancel. I said, I ordered yesterday, call the braces place and cancel them making or sending the braces. He said too late they were already shipped. I told him that it's BS and that in CA I have 3 days to change my mind.

He stated I should be getting a call about when to come in to have the braces put on. I called back over 10 times in the next two months and never got called back. Then I get the Care Credit bill for $5,000. I called them and told them I never got any service and that I had canceled.

They said that it was my responsibility to get the dntist to refund the money to them. I told them I have called him repeatedly and he won't call me back or act. So, I said, simply call him and tell him to refund the money because I never got braces for my son.

They said no. They are now on my credit report as a $7,000 sign off which caused my credit cards to all drop my balances to to my current balance which then caused me to start missing payments due to late fees and then lost my promotional rate on cards because of it and it has all snowballed.

Monetary Loss: $9000.

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