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The billing practices require consumer to call them every month to make sure they apply your payments appropriately. I had non-promotional balance of $79 and promotional balances that I paid, say, $300 on.

Instead of applying $79 to non-promotional balance of $79, they only applied my payment to a PORTION of the $79 non-promotional balance which then they charge interest of 26% to any unpaid non-promotional balance. BUT you can certainly call them every month and tell them to apply money to payoff all of the non-promotional balance and rest to promotional balance. Oh! Then they tell you they can't eliminate the interest charge that they applied incorrectly because they've already done that once and they're not allowed to do that again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This company is making millions by doing this.

Can you just imagine $2 interest charge to consumers even one time a month results in milliions $ benefit to this company? RIPOFF!

Questionnable/Suspect billing practices.

AND their support staff is very rude and obnoxious to consumers when you point this problem out. They have 'canned' language they're supposed to read to you over the phone - so they begin their explanation of inquiry, to which consumer quickly answers the question or statement before they're finished and they accuse YOU of being rude because you won't let them finish saying what they need to say!!!!! Poorly trained staff.

Or maybe they're very well trained to act rude and obnoxious to consumers when they call with an issue.

Then they put you on hold for 5 minutes while they look up more information or consult their higher-ups as to what to say next.

CANCEL your cards!!!! MAJOR RIPOFF!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $2.

Preferred solution: Refund of overcharging me interest charge.

CareCredit Cons: Disreputable practices, Suspicious business practices, Very poor customer service.

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You pretty much covered Synchrony Snake Bank and they're dirty policies. I totally stopped using them over 6 months ago, and don't give a damn if they close these accounts, cause, I no longer care about credit scores. This has to be the worst bank, ever.

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