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On the 25th of the month, my dentist charged a dental procedure that brought it up to my credit limit. I have set it up on an automatic payment so I didn't think much about it.

However, on the 25th, they also charge me some interest from a previous balance which I thought I had paid off entirely - no bid deal either. However, that interest charge which was less than $60 showed up as a derogatory item on my credit report on that same day. Even though I brought the balance down by $400 the moment I learned about it, the customer service rep and customer service manager had no sympathy at all even though I have been paying them for more than 3 years at 26% which i had completely forgotten about high their interest really is!!! I only asked why nobody notified me for this instance especially when they have all of my phone numbers and e-mails on file supposedly to notify me when something is wrong!

On the other hand, I always keep receiving marketing materials from them. I will pay them off as soon as possible and never use them again because they treat you like a nobody! That wasn't customer service and even though they charge you an insane interest rate their customer service department is by far the worst I have encountered in my life.

My advice to all of you is that you should not use them unless it is an absolute necessity and make sure you pay them off within the promotional period not a day later! They use us so make sure you use them, too!

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Cleveland, Ohio, United States #905974

You AGREED to 26.99% interest when you signed on the dotted line. Didn't you READ the materials you were signing?

You didn't review any of the statements.....three years worth? I cannot take this seriously, it's got to be a joke.

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