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In June 2010 my wife was told by our dentist that she needed dental work that would cost $900.00. Not having the money I applied for care credit and was approved for $3000.00 at 0% for 18 months one week later I went to the dentist with a bad tooth ache The dentist said I needed root canal therapy and referred me to an endodontist once at the endodontist I was informed that the root canal fee needed to be paid now, I presented the care credit card but I was told that the card was maxed out I thought that I had $11.000 available.

I was in pain and I needed the therapy then and there. I called care credit customer service and explain the situation, care credit had me jump hoops but they finally increased my credit limit by $300.00 enough to pay therapy. The next day I called the dentist that made the referral to ask why was my card maxed out? I was told that they goofed by not telling me beforehand that I would have a problem.

when the care credit bill started to arrive I would pay between $100 to $150.00 a month so far I paid care credit $1850.00 I requested the dental office to refund care credit so I could close account they wrote me two checks made out to me and not to care credit totaling $1356.00 I then asked where is the rest of the account balance but I only got vague answer about $473.00 merchant fee billed to me. I called care credit why I still had $1500.00 bal. I think I only owe $568.00 the rest of the money is in the dental office care credit said I could only dispute by mail and they would send me a dispute form. Once I received the form I made my dispute and mailed it by certified mail to the address printed on the form 3 days later I tracked and confirm that the letter was delivered and signed by Ramiro Lopez an employee of gemb.

I waited one week and then called care credit but they said they did not have the letter and claimed they did not know Ramiro Lopez.

after talking to several GE staff some in south Dakota and in Florida I would get different stories and to send another form to a different po box I repeated sending the dispute form and documents, I tracked and confirmed delivery, this time they acknowledged having my 2nd dispute form and they suspended payment for 1 billing cycle, now the payment are back with no change it looks like nothing has been done about the dispute I still owe the balance I never used Tomorrow I will proceed to small claims court against the dentist what else can I do? I keep checking the math over again

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Care Credit has no Visa or Mastercard logo, and they seem to allow a dispute, but in the end they will say on the phone "what do you expect, we are just the lending institution." Get the umemployment/disability insurance added to your card, and then if you get laid off or disabled, put in a claim and they will wipe out the entire debt. And yes, you can add the insurance later, just try, if they refuse, try again.


Jorgem. Was wondering if you or ANYONE AT ALL has had any luck winning a dispute in the customers favor from care credit in particular for dental services not rendered, I have a dispute pending and i am gonna flip out if they don't find in my favor . Thanks for any advice.

to six0duce #1707339

Luck? I too disputed a charge due to a crown being paid for but never put in my mouth, and they would not even acknowledge my dispute until after the promotional period passed so they could tack on interest.

Then when they finally did acknowledge my dispute, they did nothing, not even gave me an answer on my dispute.

Three months went by and they charged off the account and now I'm being sued by debt buyer. Don't let up on them or they will do the same to you!


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