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CareCredit appears to be a legitimate credit card company but they have some seriously unethical practices. We signed up for a small amount of credit for a dental bill $800.00 and signed up for a re-curring monthly payment plan on the same day each month.

They site says that we have made payments with 'success' for the last 7 months. When we finally got a paper statement, it turns out that after the second month, they changed the due date (without prior notice) so each consecutive month each payment was late - thus invalidating the 0% interest free for a year, plus a $40.00 a month late fee.

I defy the company to show us on their website anywhere it says that they changed the due date or that we were incurring late charges. We will be filing in small claims and I believe we will win.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $160.

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I have had a CareCredit account for 8 years, have charged and paid off several thousand dollars in different dental procedures and vet bills during that time. As long as you pay off the amount due (NEVER go by the "minimum" due, use your calculator!

before the expiration date, it is the best method I've found for covering emergency expenses! No interest, you can't beat that!


Our dentist suggested the interest free option, so we tried it. All payments were on time.

Our last payment check was cashed a week before the final due date, but for THE WRONG AMOUNT. This was GE's mistake. I paid the difference immediately after receiving the next bill, but GE is claiming that this triggered an enormous interest payment. I have FAX'ed all the information and check images, etc.

I have called customer service three times.

We receive automated telephone calls several times each day now. We will not pay a penny more.


omg I was going to get care credit for $4000 so glad I was denied is it really that bad??

La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #161901

Wow! Thanks for posting this.

I tried to get Carecredit a few months ago, but was denied. I guess that was in my favor. Sorry about what they did to you.

Report them to the BBB. That is just wrong.

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