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Got loan for my dogs training, same story interest free for 18 months. When we got to the last few payments they said we didnt pay the loan within the allotted time and charged us 27 percent back interest on the loan.

Our balance went from 3000 to 4600. We will be suckered into paying hundreds a month and its going to ruin our credit. I called tonight as I just noticed it since the 18 months was up in January and was will to pay the $3000.00 off today. They refused and said the only amount i can pay off is the $4600.00.

They won't let you talk with anyone competent and now they will be talking with my attorney.

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I have not had any problems with this company.

On my statement it shows exactly when the promotional period expires, the balance, and deferred interest that will be added if you do not pay by the expiration date. You can be approved by GE for ie.

12 months but you have to check with your provider as to what their terms are. The provider is the one who pays the interest so the terms are up to them.


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