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This company is a loan shark. We have been paying on a balance of $3500 for over a year now at $125 per month. Not one penny has come off the balance, in fact it has gone up by another $200 ( my balance now is $3769) and is charging a monthly over the limit fee of $35 and $80 interest.

I called them today and told them to send it to collections and that I would not pay one more penny to them. Now my credit will be ruined but I am not going to pay them anymore in interest and fees.


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Care credit publishes the manuals they use to determine your payment and any promotional period applicable. The care you financed, and subsequently the doctor who received the money, is the one who chose what payment plan you would be on.

Any amount over $1000 can be charged interest.

Additionally, if you are willing to make a higher monthly payment, they can charge zero-interest, but only on plans extending less than 18 months. Not all plans are available in all offices, but be sure to check the terms your doctor's office is willing to accept before you sign.


** To expedite your case, please ensure to provide Reference code DM 031312_pc_binformed**

Binformed - We'd like to review your account information and ensure you no longer receive calls at your request, as well as verify we have the correct information for your account.

Please email me at gecapitalcares@ge.com with the following information:

- The full name associated with the account

- Your contact phone number

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.



GE Capital


Never late & paid more than minimums, yet they call me 3 times a day, as a "courtesy call". This company uses c/s reps from India, so very hard to understand them and they do not know how to answer questions off their script.

They called to ask if I needed financial help but since I have always been current, they said I did not "qualify" for their help. Then why did they call me?

This co. is really a pain to deal with.

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