Newark, California

I've been using CareCredit's GE online service pay my bills for months.

Out of nowhere, my account was suddenly locked.

I've tried everything - security questions, forgot user and password (even when I DO know my username+ password), it still gives me the same "information doesn't match their system".

And eventually I called their customer service and asked if their system is down.

No reason about why my account is locked, other than blaming me for entering the wrong information.

I've already spoke to two different customer representatives (waiting over 3 days before I contact the customer services each time), and have repeatedly follow their instructions to login.

At the end, both representatives told me that they will reset my account by sending me an e-mail within 24-48 hours - where I will be able to register for a new account to make my payment.

It's been two weeks, I am still not able to register for a new account nor am I able to login.

And no help nor reason were provided.

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This same thing has happened to me. I've used Care Credit/GE Capital's online payment service to make payments on my account since the first time I used the care credit card in February of 2011.

I've always paid on time and much more the minimum in order to ensure my balance is paid off before the promotional period has ended. However, since care credit/GE Capital has changed their payment website, every month I've been locked out of my account. I know I have the correct username and password because I am able to unlock my account, but after I unlock the account, it asks me to enter my username and password again for security reasons. When that happens, it asks me a security question that is not my security question and then locks me out again.

I was able to log in for a short period in July but otherwise have not been able to successfully log in on a regular basis since March or April. I have been able to make the payments over the phone with Care Credit's waiving of the fee they charge for phone payments. However, I am not able to see my promotional balances or which balances have been paid in full.

Also, unless I go through a live person over the phone, the phone payment fee will not be waived even though the only reason I have to pay over the phone is because THEIR website is down. Keep in mind though, reaching a live person is a hassle and requires at least a 45 minute time commitment in order to go through all the phone trees and holds.


** To expedite your case, please ensure to provide Reference code DM 061512_pc_Anon**

I'm sorry you're experiencing problems with your account. We'd like to help. Please email me at and provide your name and phone number so we can call you directly to assist.

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.



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