Tacoma, Washington

Went on line to make a payment submitted the payment wait for a confirmation nunber there was nothing. Call the company to make a payment and let them know what had happen, all they could say I will take the payment from me by phone waving the phone fee.

Here I go making the payment and then I look at my statement and they have taken 2 payment. I assum that, that would take care of August since July had been paid already. Well no they starting calling my husband cell phone like crazy leaving message like they had not gotten 2 payment in July so I gave them a payment for August again and September so lets see if they call and say that September has not been paid. Asked to speak with a supervisor hopping for some customer relations and got my nose bloody by him also no support what so ever.

They act like we as customers dont have any sense at all. Pay them off and tell the to *** off

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Cammy has to be trolling for GE CareCredit . Her explanations are toooooo scripted.


I have care credit too, and I found out you can not pay up prior billing dates. If you pay more then the amount due it goes towards the total balance but will not affect the next bill due UNLESS the new statement has been issued ( about 2 weeks before the bill is due)

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