Spartanburg, South Carolina
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Had just received this account in the past 30 days. Never received a statement and left out of the country on vacation. When we returned we found out, not by them but our loan officer that they reported us late by 31 days, now we cant get our mortage approved because that pulled over a 100 points from credit.... Have called them to repair but they refuse.... we sold our house two days before and now are facing no home because of them...

We were told they could remove it but wont....

Pissed off is an understatement. Do not get care credit. I should have had the tooth pulled instead of the root canal. At least that be better than having no home.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

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So... you charged a debt and forgot about it?

Or were you hoping that maybe THEY forgot about it?

Why would you not make payments on a debt and then complain when they reported you for not making payments?

I don't blame them for not wanting to remove the report. As far as I can tell from your blurry explanation, it's a completely accurate report, and other creditors should know about it.

@No Problems Here

You are an ***


If you're leaving the country and you haven't received a statement try being proactive and calling and making an early payment. You don't get a pass on your responsibilities just because you're going on vacation.

Also, who sell their own house without being approved to purchase another house.

Looks like you're renting which is good because you sound to dumb to own a home. :cry

@*** Detector

You too


can you believe these jerks?

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