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Care credit seen my post – called me – and credited me 1245.74 in late fees and finance charges that was wrongfully charged or misunderstood!!!!!!

Just letting you know - they corrected the mistake and they are letting the credit office know about the error so it does not show up on my credit report.

Original review posted by user Mar 28, 2012

After an accident I needed some chiropractic work on my back. My insurance did not cover all of it so the Dr.

suggested Care Credit. I borrowed 1800 Jan. of 2011 - I paid them on time the duration of my Dr. visits.

Quit seeing the Dr. in March 2011. Care Credit had already paid so the Dr. who was to reimburse Care credit the difference of what I did not use on the act.

then I was to pay the rest in monthly payments. It took 3 months of debate. They charged me late fees and interest over all 3 months and never sent me a bill - the Dr. never was able to pay the difference to care credit so he now pays my monthly bill until his balance with me is at 0 and now I've been paying the minimum balance due plus another 20 and my bill is up to 2300???????????????????

WHY WAS I CHARGED for months of debate and WHY is my bill 500 more then what I borrowed. Now I call their 1-800 # and get NO WHERE!!! If I can't get a hold of them by the end of this week - I will not pay them an dime and it can go to collections! screw the credit - I'll pay my 1800 but not a dime more!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh - and no one can give me a running statement of what I've paid over the past year - strange huh!!!! DO NO USE THIS COMPNAY - I AM ALSO ASKING MY DR.

OFFICE TO BLACK THEM OUT AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!! so not only have they lost my business but others at the office as well.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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