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Applied for credit for dental repairs; got "12 months same as cash" option, and have made every monthly payment of at least $150/mo. for over 7 months; suddenly, they tacked on $125.47 interest on "promotional expiration date-EXPIRED" and when I called them, they told me to "sue us" and we'll garnish your bank account." So I sued them in Small Claims Court here in Florida; I'll let you know the outcome. I hope anyone reading this will not do business with this company, as they will be well advised to avoid any contact at all.

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i was checking my credit through credit-karma and see i have this card "supposedly" but i have never applied for this. It shows good payments for the last year, i haven't paid on any card like this. Should i dispute this or what should i do?


I recently obtained my annual credit report, found that someone opened a joint account on 07 01 2013. Never paid a red cent, now they say I owe them!

What, why did they open a fraud I lent account.



This same thing happened to me.


So what was the outcome? Where did you file to reach the register agent in Florida? Do you have a valid address or a PO box address?


I'm going to sue my dentist and care credit. I didn't apply for the card, apparently my dentist took that upon himself.

I have dental coverage, and they (unbeknownst to me) decided to sign me up for care credit, $3000. I didn't know until I got a credit update the day after my cleaning. Apparently, the company pays the dentist. I didn't even have any work done.

I am livid and I'm taking it all the way.

This is a sad scam of a practice. These people are ridiculous.


I too got a letter for an account I never applied for at my address in my EX-Husbands name. This must be a scam…the correct address for GE Capital Retail Bank is NOT P.O. Box 965033 if you go to their site it is different.


Update on last comment: they settled with me and refunded the $125.47, plus filing fee of $75. What a bunch of cowards and incompetent attorneys they have working for them.


I received a letter from GE Capital Retail Bank PO Box 965033 Orlando FL 32896-5033, saying my application of a GECRB card account is not approved. I've never applied this thing and I read all about your comments mentioning they are a fraud.

What should I do about it? Since I don't have account in there, would it be fine if I just leave it?


I want to sue them as well... to what address do I send the court summons?


I am currently having the exact same problem as mentioned above.


After filing suit, they settled with me by refunding $175.00, plus the $50 filing fee. :grin

@The Bobster77

I am having the exact same problem you mentioned and am getting ready to contact the CEO about it and will tell others not to do business with them.


I had a toothache and went to Coast Dental. My top teeth where in very bad shape and my bottom had gum disease.

I wanted my top teeth pulled and a plate. So the dentist asked me if it was a matter of money. I think he wanted to cap the 8 teeth I had left on top and on bottom. More money for him.

So I said yes. I am on widow's social security disability. So they check and got me care credit. They told me that it would cost 3k to take care of all the problems and that my payment would be $150 a month for 24 months.

Problem is they billed each visit at different times and now some are due in 6 months some are due in 8 months. Never did I read the terms of the card until I got my first bill. I was not given the terms before the dentist billed the card. Coast Dental just did it.

Never did I know that if I couldn't pay it off before the deffered time is over that they would tack the interest onto the balance and I would end up paying 9k for my teeth. I have managed to keep up with the payments but it is getting so hard for me that I am now using food banks to eat. When I questioned it and their billing practice they gave me the run around. When I confronted the office manager at Coast Dental she was a total ***.

I have decided to stop paying Care Credit because I feel that they are all doing something illegal. Loan sharks.. Let them sue me. They can't take my SS check or my home or my car and that is all I have.

Shame is it is going to ruin my credit which is very good. Care Credit should have never let the dentist bill the card until I read the terms of the card. I think that all the businesses that accept the card are getting a kick back.

I so want to sue both Care Credit and Coast Dental. :upset


Ripped off for over $1000 and I have yet to actually receive a bill. I figured I was doing the right thing by paying on a card that I knew I ran up a balance on.

After receiving quite a few harassing phone calls from their collection company in India (who repeatedly said they would stop calling and couldn't provide me an address to write or a phone number to call them back), I stopped receiving bills from them. Fast forward 12 months and I've been summoned to court as they are taking me to small claims for another $1000. This could be amusing.

Court is tomorrow. I will try to update here afterwards.


It's extortion! I will never use again.


I received a letter stating we open an account but the address didn't match our social security number. After three hours of them transferring our calls, we finally got an American we could understand his English.

Only to find out they didn't have any information on us. Well, then who the heck is sending these letters, Stating we opened an account. :? We never opened an Account with Ge Capital Retail Bank.

Maybe they are just saying this so we would open an account.

Not sure why this happen or if this is a gimmick. :cry


My wife signed up for Care Credit through a Dentist, I had never been to this office, never had any work done by this Dentist, I found out that this was opened as a joint account, after numerous phone calls from this outfit demanding a payment, I explained that payments were sent on time but each time they added a late fee, I requested copies of original documents and was told they could not provide them, suddenly out of the blue the rep. I was speaking with offered to settle for 50% of amount owed.

I again explained that this was not my debt but I would pay just to get them off my back. I have contacted the Attorney Generals Office on my state and was told they had more complaints then they could count. Calling the number provided puts me in a never ending conversation....repeating over and over the same info.

I intend to follow this to the end. This is a poor excuse for a Financial Institution and poor customer service.


crock of *&^%% this company is so corrupt dentists must be geting a kickback for pushing it,4yrs ago co-signed for my sons dental bill 1000.00 paid every payment and extra for first 2yrs now its over 1000.00

talked almost 20 people out of geting this card by just telling this story,almost yelled at my dentist for suggesting I apply for what my dental insurance would'nt cover.never been so sick of talking to foreingers at ge in my life do not understand them and can not get a complete statement from them from when my son first got the card to show payment history.please everyone call your local better business bureau.we do not need companies like this esp with the economy like it is.

@juno ima wright

I too have this card and get calls from out of USA. Whenever you get a call from these peope all you have to do is tell them you need to speak to someone in the USA and they have to transfer you. I usually ask if they are in America before I demand a transfer, works every time and I like to think I am doing a little by not using companies cheap resources out side of home.


I have used CareCredit for my vet and dentist. I haven't had any problems with this particular card from GE Capital.

However, I have had a tremendous problem with GE Capital-Lowes card. Their "promotional" deals, 12mo/6mo same as cash deals are surely a scam. We bought appliances for $2100. Three weeks later we sent in a payment for $2000.

They didn't apply the payment to the promo, rather toward two other small promos and regular balance. You have to call each month and TELL them to apply payments toward promos. That is ridiculous. Finally after multiple calls, got them to back credit the $2000 + $100 from another payment and they also credited back $382 in deferred interest.

Think it was just my lucky day on this one. I had 4 credit cards with GE Capital and have since closed all of them. I was advised by one "Supervisor" not to cancel cards because it would "hurt" my credit rating. So now the do credit financial counseling!

Not her business how I handle my credit rating. Told her to stick it. I went to the bank and got a bill consolidation loan. I trust my bank way more than I do GE Capital.

Then I get a satisfaction survey by email from GE with 5 paragraphs of disclaimer that I had to "agree" to complete survey!!! They made suggestions on what I should and shouldn’t put in the survey. Again BS. Then they wanted to know why I opted out!

Screw GE Capital and all the businesses that use them for their credit card backers, they are in bed together. Scammers all of them.

If I can't pay cash, I don't need it!!!!!!!!!!! I

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