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So my boyfriend has care credit and I use it a lot for medical reasons and I am fixing to have ACL reconstruction surgery and I made the last payment last week. Well it didn't post within a couple of days so my boyfriend called to see what was going on and they said it takes 3 to 5 business days to post and here it is day 6 and so my boyfriend called them again today and all they could tell him was oh well give it a couple of more days. I just hate that they are lying to us about it if you don't know then connect me with someone who does

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That happened to me as well. I made a $1200 payment but is wasn't showing up on my account.

I was told payments over $500 take longer to post. I waited a few more days and called back since it still hadn't posted. I was told the same thing but this time i said i wanted to speak with a supervisor.

The supervisor pushed her magic button and the payment posted within 30 seconds!!! When all else fails...demand to speak to a supervisor!!


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