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I noticed a sudden increase on my Care Credit bill total this month and was wondering what was going on, then I see the deferred interest charge has been added to my account. I look at the top of my bills when paying by the due date and nowhere did it say that the promotional payoff amount had a due date up there, it just listed a dollar total.

I had to look at the last bill to figure out what was going on and then a quick internet search helped too seeing others also suffering a similar fate and posting their disappoint here. Had I been given a courtesy phone call, sent a letter or been given a proper warning with a date next to that orange Promotional Payoff Amount text at the top of my bill, I would have paid off the total last month instead of having this suddenly $1376.93 extra be added to my bill because this month's bill arrived 6 days after the deferred period ended so it looks like it was sent the day after that expiration date just to make sure I would not have a chance to pay it.

I see Nicole from GE Capital posting replies to others that they are willing to help, so hopefully I have some luck too as being unemployed and seeing this really wished I could afford proper dental insurance. I am also disappointed in the Dentist as well since I do not remember them ever saying that this deferred interest had an expiration date.

Hopefully this can be resolved, so I hope that Nicole decides to post a reply.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

Monetary Loss: $1376.

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The GE Capital associate was actually able to help me resolve my problem and waived the deferred fee so I made sure to pay off the remaining balance. I still wish they would have sent a letter or made a phone call to inform me about the expiration date as it could have solved a lot of the headaches and worrying that resulted from this. Still I am happy that this issue got resolved.


The email has been sent with the requested info. I will keep everyone apprised of the situation as I hope that this issue can resolved.


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