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I got a huge interest payment charged onto my account after I was specifically told that my minimum payments over the last 2 years would pay off the account. I spoke to numerous managers as did my dentist's office and they were of no help.

I have been unemployed for 8 months and finally got enough to pay off the balance (prior to the interest payment) and they will do NOTHING to help me. They gave me the mailing address and told me to take it up with them. I cannot believe that no manager has the authority to assist me in this matter. I am so frustrated and cannot believe there is no one at this company to help me.

Their customer service is so rude and disrepectful. DO NOT FINANCE WITH THIS COMPANY.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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I too am currently dealing with care credit where the deal upon signing up was NO INTEREST FIRST TWELVE MONTHS. So far I have paid over 800 in last 7 months and my balance has only dropped 80$.

I FEEL MISLEAD, CHEATED AND TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF. I wasn't looking for a hand out but wasn't looking to be robbed either!!!!!!


I have had a great relationship w/ Care Credit, I paid my statement prior to the Due Date on a deferred charge not knowing I did that; they re-posted the payment amount after my due date and refunded the finance charge and late fee. Spoke to a Mgr and he handled it very professionally and was really cool about it; He saved me over $75 in Fin charges and a late fee. Call them back and ask for a Mgr and keep your cool; play ***!

John N

Not clear why you think you shouldn't pay interest on borrowed money. They paid your dental bill and gave you an unsecured loan. There is always interest involved.

@John N

You shouldn't pay interest on borrowed money when the company offers a plan with 0 interest. It is most definitely NOT an 'unsecured' loan when one's good credit is on the line.

If CARE Credit expects interest on 'borrowed' money..they should CLEARLY STATE THAT UP FRONT. Enough said..


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