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I lost my job and fell behind on this card pretty far. I called them and told them what I could afford to pay them, which under normal terms would've gotten them 3x the minimum monthly payment on my account, payments I had already scheduled online.

They refused to get rid of any late fees. When I told them I was trying to avoid having to take drastic measures, that I just wanted to avoid accruing anymore late fees, and avoid filing bankruptcy, they immediately flagged my account and took my online access to my account away. Since they operate on Eastern time instead of Arizona time, they were closed of course. Now I have payments scheduled that I can't modify, bankruptcy department is insisting they removed the flag, and I can't do anything else until Monday.

Since when does a credit card company not have any hours on the weekends!?!?! And if I'm offering to pay SOMETHING, and already have the payments SCHEDULED, you would think they'd be willing to help me, but no. This is absolutely ridiculous. Once this account is paid, which may have to be settled in a court at this point because their customer service reps are apparently INCOMPETENT, I will NEVER use them again, EVER.

Completely ridiculous. Accruing more and more late fees to my account is not helping me pay them, nor is it helping them get their money. They refuse to work with anyone. It's not like I just slacked and didn't pay my bill.

I lost my job and was forced to move within a month of each other.

Now that I'm back on my feet financially and have other utilities caught up, trying to catch up on my credit card debt with GE Money/Care Credit seems to be impossible. Never AGAIN.

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I am a new customer with this Care Credit Company. I have tried over and over to pay my account online.

I keep getting errors. I have been forced to call in to customer service for the last two months to pay my account. I stopped going paperless as of today because I need to see what is going on with my account. I was told I would not be charged for having to call in to pay my bill.

I pray they did not charge me anyway. I will see once I get my paper bill in the mail. This is frustrating. The website has script errors and no one seems to know why??

Does anyone care?? It is obvious that they don’t. Take this website down and fix the problems. I need to know what is going on with my account at all times.

Online gives me convenience but now this is causing me inconvenience.

My suggestions: Fire who is “manning” this website. #2 Give customer service a direct line to tech support for this website.


I agree. This company is horrible.

Their customer service department is a joke, along with their 'new and improved' website. Anybody who was willing to work with me barely spoke English and this also resulted in them taking an EXTRA fifty dollars out of my account when I already paid them online because they said a phone payment had been scheduled. Now they've drained my account down to nineteen dollars and I have a part time job where I don't make enough.

As soon as I get this *** card paid off, NEVER again will I use this company; they're rude, they called so many times a day that we almost had to unplug the phone and they are incompetent jerks who are never any help. I will also be cautioning others against going with them as well.


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