I have had to get on the phone with customer service just about EVERY MONTH to fix some sort of *** issue with them!!! Honestly, if I didn't need to have a credit card for medical/veterinary reasons, I would just cancel this.

I guess I am just hopeful this company will own up to their screw-ups and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!

for example: the most recent issue I have with them, I made a payment on 8/12/13, on both of our accounts, they have no record of the payment, even though I make my payments through my bank's "bill pay", so the payments come the same way ALL THE TIME, no changes. The money was cashed from my account though. So now I have to make copies of all of my payments to this Jack *** company so they can see where the money is, prove that I did in fact make this payment.

In the first several months we opened the accounts, the issue was always being charged late payment fees, when we woundnt receive the notices until 2 weeks after the due dates.

I am sure all on purpose. Just a crooked *** company if you ask me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Idabel, Oklahoma, United States #729262

I am having the same problems right now have been having these problems since about 5 months after my procedure was done they have been losing payment and stating im not making them when the payment has been taken out of my bank by carecredit and still they are stating I have not made my payments when infact I have proof ands sent it to them they still dney I made my payments and are trying to double bill me this is the crappiest company I have delt with they are fraudulent and crooked I will never use them again.

Salinas, California, United States #719353

Agreed. They are a joke of a company.

Looking for others to join me in a suit.

Need people with financial loss though. Email your story to stuf@dr.com

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