I have used Care Credit several times. Each time the options, including the payment plans, were explained to me in full before I accepted the agreement.

Care Credit has made it possible for me to have the dental work done that I needed, even though I had little cash on hand and only a low income from disability. I highly reccomened the Care Credit program; in fact I have told many peolpe in need about it. Without Care Credit, I would have permanently crooked teeth. Now I have a partial that fits perfectly, no pain, and I can smile again!

Thank you Care Credit!

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In my experiences with Care Credit, they have provided me with excellent service. I don't have any fear of them, "pulling the rug out from underneath me." Leona


Be careful. They'll pull the rug out from under you eventually...and that's if you're a good customer.


We're so glad you've found CareCredit to be helpful. Thank you for taking the time to post about your positive experience!


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