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First, Care Credit is a consumer loan you can apply so if you need to go to the dentist and get some major work done on your mouth, they give you a plan to pay it off over time. Similar to regular credit card etc. It's used by those who don't have medical insurance.

Recently I found a new dentist (won't go back to him anymore). Initially after talking to him and with his office manager they presented me with $5000 bill and I signed it without even realizing that I was bind then to that dentist because they charged my Care Credit card right away for the full amount before any service was done!

The dentist and his office manager had me scheduled for several appointments for deep cleaning, crown placement and "free" teeth whitening. He said he'll throw it in as complimentary!

After about 3-4 visits of cleaning/measurements/and two good teeth fillings and placing temporary crowns on my 2 teeth, they call me in a day before my teeth whitening appointment and ask me to come in an hour earlier for teeth cleaning AGAIN! I just had done deep teeth cleaning 3 weeks prior. So that was in less than 3 weeks for another teeth cleaning which is unheard of.

I come in. Nobody tells me anything. The hygienist cleans my teeth for 30 minutes and then I wait for a woman to arrive to do my teeth whitening.

That woman arrived 20 minutes late...... why the *** schedule for a certain time if she's gonna be late? Again, nobody tells me or explains if there are any side effects from laser whitening. They put me on chair, put some blue wax over my teeth and direct laser into my mouth. After 30 minutes I began having sudden sharp front teeth pain. The pain intensified over time that it made me cry. It felt like someone was poking my teeth with a knife.

The dental assistant rushed in and used Vitamin E to ease my pain. I am thinking I'd have to go to ER. Then they call in the dentist who told me to go home and use warm milk to swoosh my mouth every 30 minutes and it should go away.

I do that and pain 2 hours later was gone. It was most horrible experience and my teeth only gotten whiter for a short period of time and now back to yellow color again. The dentist told me they would give me gel and trays to do self-whitening at home but he NEVER did.

I arrive for next appointment and ask for my "ledger" - they present me with a charge of $5500 instead of $5000. They tell me "do not worry the price would be adjusted". They ask me if my son would like to be a patient there. I said no. My son has a wonderful dentist. Thank God.

So then they said : "Ok we gave you some discount and the price you still owe us is $367" on top of that $5000 that I had originally agreed to pay for (not even sure what the heck I paid such crazy amount for).

The office manager tells me "next time when you come in the $367 would have to be TAKEN CARE OF". I said ok. I planned on paying with personal check. Did not want my card to exceed $5000.

Next day the office manager calls me and tells me : "I called Care Credit, there was room on your account and we charged your card" wtf? seriously? How could they do that? I did NOT authorize the charge!

I call in Care Credit, get the most annoying rep who talks like 10000word a second. I tell her I did not authorize that charge. How could they allow them to charge that? She says "we do ask all our customers to sign when they are charged" I kept saying to her but I did NOT sign anything. She said if you want to dispute your charge "talk to your service provider". Yeah seriously like it's gonna help talking to a *** who ripped me off and did a lousy job.

I can't understand how could they charge my card without my permission and they let them charge it? I asked if that dentist could be blocked from my card - rep from Care Credit replied "we can't do that". ....

So before you apply for that Card, open it for a small amount that way you won't be able to get ripped off like I did.

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