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I got braces for 2 of my grandchildren 2 years ago for $8,600. I was assured there was no interest if I used Care Credit.

I have made all my payments on time for 2 years and now almost $4000 in interest has been added to my account. WHAT? So now I owe more than I originally agreed to pay for the braces? After making all my payments for 2 years?

How can this be if I was told no interest?

How am I expected to pay this? I'm starting a complaint letter writing campaign to anyone who'll listen!

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

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I am sorry you got hit by their very high interest. However, I am not a lawyer and to me, they state very explicity in every statement about the interest and that making only minimum payments will not pay the promotion in full by the expiration date.

I am also using care credit to pay for my braces and I have calculated exactly how much I need to pay each month to avoid the interest (that is unfortunately truly ridiculous).

I am paying slightly more even to be done even sooner (never a bad idea with care credit). They make their $$$ of the super-high interest so be sure you do everything possible to zero your balance by the promotion expiration date...


I agree with you! This exactly happened me too!

I never filed a complaint before but this is ridiculous! If they notified us at least 3 months before with a warning letter then of course I would have some type of way to make the payment!

My sister works at dental office and now she doesn't want to recommend care credit to her patients anymore. I understand what your going through and I really think something should be done about this!



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Grant W

I did read the agreement as much as I could get through. I'm no dummy but it seemed to be written for a lawyer, which I am not.

I take issue with the part of your comment that indicates it was "clearly stated" - it was not.

It seems obvious to me that what Care Credit does is legal otherwise, I'd like to think, they would be called out by some states attorney general and have to change. If I knew 6 months or even 3 months before the end of the "promotional period" that I would have an additional $4000.00 added to my account I would have paid it off.

leah h

Care credit ususally has a period of no interest... Generally 6-12 months.

If yiou pay the amount in full before that no interest period is up you are not charged any interest. However if you do not.

the interest is retroactive to day one and this is clearly stated in the care credit paperwork. You need to read your credit agreements thoroughly!

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