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I had almost lost all hope in the care credit dispute department when i stumbled upon this site and got an email address of a nice lady named Donna at their corporate h/q ,she was fair and resolved my issues like a true professional. Thank you so much - your a life saver kboy602

Original review posted by user Jan 28, 2012

I have had been stuck in a nightmare w care credit and desert valley dental- i stopped a treatment plan 3/4 of the way thru and asked to be credited for the services not rendered those services being 3 line items- a root canal the Dr. said I did not need, a temp crown on an implant that was performed, and a permanent crown on that same implant site.

I stopped the t/p right after the implant was performed. the office manager said that the Dr. ledger is what was "legal" and is what the billing comes from, I asked the office manager to fax me a copy of the ledger and she did-it is time stamped by their office Nov 15th 2011, the total of the treatment plan was $3600.00 from me (which I was pre billed for)and $2000.00 from my Cigna insurance, now if you add up all the work performed on the ledger less the money Ive paid and my insurance has paid i should have a credit of $1454 and that is the amount that I filed in a dispute (filed on time) with care credit and i just got back the answer to my dispute and they found in the providers favor (what a surprise). Desert Valley Dental answered care credit saying all work has been performed and faxed them a ledger to them that anyone with any sense can see that they have fictitiously added items to the ledger well after my appointment and well after they faxed me a copy that is time stamped by their office.

Their miss-doings is so blatant - they changed the $ amount on 1 item and just added in another item, but on that item the have put the wrong date! Even according to their own record they didn't even work on that tooth that day.... idiots. I called gecapital to tell them about this and they didn't care ...their cust service skills are *** poor.

Its like they didn't even look at any of the paperwork and investigate they are just programed to find in the providers favor .I am so mad and expect to have to file complaints with my attorney general + small claims court and so on. Has anyone gotten any real help from care credit via this website?

Any advise or info is appreciated. Kboy

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I thought about using care credit for some dental work, but after reading all these complaints, NO WAY.


I cant afford to pay the 1,800 dollars at all now my bill is 4,600 i cant even bare to think how im going to pay this.NIGHTMAREVILLE


This place is the worst they never let me know the interest rate,and i didnt notice that my 2 year agreement was up.I tried to use my care credit card for my dog yesterday and was declined.I called care credit up and they CHARGED ME 1,800 for interest.Nobody told me this was happening never got any letters . THE WORST PLACE DONT DO IT!



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