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i was screwed over by Care Credit too!! I was referred to them by my Dental Office.... to help me pay off my dept with NO interest. They wanted me to pay $100/month so I set up automatic payment plan. They usually sent an email letting me know the $100 was due.... never sent a statement in the mail..... and THREE MONTHS after the ZERO interest expired.... I get a statment telling me I owe almost $2k in interest!!! I have already PAID them $1000 up front, and then $100 per month. And they never gave me a chance to pay off the balance. They never sent anything letting me know that interest present and past will start accruing on the present balance at almost 25%!! Paying off over $3700 on a $4000 bill.... and I know owe almost $3k!! Go figure!!

Ive been paying them on autopay from my bank, why dont they send a statement saying "Total Bill now due, or else we will accrue all interest from the two year ZERO interest we used to play you" instead they wait THREE months while interest in accruing of course to send a statement! I can easily pay in full! But they want you to be penalized.... my pain, is their gain!

And they dont CARE at all.... telling me there is NOTHING they can do! how about sending a statement or accepting responsibility for NOT sending me one! Then they tell me they DON'T send out statements letting you know the balance is due or all your money will accrue ... ***

thankful to the internet and next stop Better Business Bureau .... stop the insanity and FRAUD!

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Sounds to me like you probably checked the box stating you wanted to receive your bills electronically. Quite often when you pay through autopay you are also agreeing to electronic billing. If people would read everything before just clicking you wouldn't have this trouble

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