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Shame on this place and shame on ge capital.I have literally paid almost $1000 on my balance of 2400 and been paying on this for almost a year.

Today i just looked online and was shocked to see that my balance owed is actually only 40 dollars less. They actually charged me almost a thousand in interest on a 2400 balance. I am going to talk tomorrow to a lawyer about a class action lawsuit against them. This is a complete scam, rip off.

Shame on them. I have other credit cards that are the same interest rate, have never ever had this happen to me in my life.

I do believe that we should all start a class action lawsuit, im on board.anyone??

Monetary Loss: $2400.

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Springfield, Massachusetts, United States #808531

I'm in the same vote, I owed them 1397.000,I have paid back $ 2700.00, now their bringing me to court for another 2000.00 dollars. How can they do this?

Manhattan Beach, California, United States #616550

Has any leeway been made on a lawsuit?Just found out I am being charged $3000 in interest from my original balance after my promotional period ended!!!

I was never mailed a notice that my promotional period was ending, and every time I tried to log on to the site, it wouldn't work.I am very disappointed with this company.

to lisabhed Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #616611

So i did more research and i have a process that i will be following.i will be proving this company a fraud they dont have a promisory note and they change due date automatically and charge late fee.

totally illegal.i say work with ur municipality to regiter a complain and work with the credit agency to file it as a fraud

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #612382

I went thru this same scam for a credit for 2400 i have already paid about $3000 already on top of the principal and still owe 1700 god knows how the *** they did that.I didnt even sign anything.

They dont have a copy of my application either and neither does my doctor. the only thing i have got is me agreeing to pay the original amount via care credit. how is a company in business when they dont even have customer records? I wanna file a law suit against them.

Anyone else interested?

Also what i noticed was they charge you a late fee on Auto payment because they change their due date each month.How illegal is that!!!!

Muskogee, Oklahoma, United States #582880

I will gladly join all of you in a class action suit against care credit or ge capital.I started out with a credit line of $6000.

I used about $1600 for a 1 time visit to the dentist. My daughter added on about $1400 for her 1 time visit. This was done within about 6 months of opening my care credit account.

I have been paying on this for almost 4 years now, huge amounts of money.Some how I still owe $3000...PLEASE let me know if there is a class action suit...I will gladly participate.




The problem I see with this Care Credit, at the office you are told that you have 24 months to pay off at a certain payment but when you get the 1st bill, if you look it over carefully you really only have 18 months before they charge you interest & that is from day one. You cannot take their spoken word for anything! Read the bill & adjust your payments to fit those 18 months or else pay more which is what I did & then you get it interest free. Otherwise it i almost 30%.

I would have been better off with my own credit card if I had done that. Just pretend they are used card dealers & buyer beware & pay attention to the written bill you get. AND DO NOT MAKE MINIMUM PAYMENTS. That's is one mistake.

The 1st is believing you really have 2 years to pay.You don't.


totally agree.They are shameless.

I will join you to sue them. I happened to check my account today and found that they charged me $2394 for about $2000 I owned (they said the promotion rate expired this April and thus whatever left in the account will be charged for 25% rate for the past 24 months).

In addition, I will sue TLC laser eye surgery as well.They brought me to GE care credit, and that led to this Fraud.


It's a disgrace that our government allows this company to operate this way.It would be shameful if they are Americans.

$280.00 interest charged in one month for $1700.00 balance. They must be stopped!!! Shame on you GE care credit. Leave our country now.

You are an enemy of this country.The people of this company do not deserve American citizenship.!!


Hmmm.Looks like the standard scam.

I applied for an account because they promised no interest for up to 24 months. When the packet comes it has all kinds of fine print that has about a million little catches in it. They are counting on you missing something. I will not do business with these people.

I'm cancelling my account tomorrow.

I suggest you borrow money from family or save up for your dental work.It's not worth it to borrow money from these sharks.


Maybe your dental office entered the wrong promotional code? Thus they gave you the 6 month interest free option by mistake?

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