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DO NOT EVER USE CARE CREDIT unless you want to be forever buried in debt caused by their EXORBANT INTEREST RATE!!! The way they market and apply finance charges should be illegal, if they aren't already!

They offer you '0% for the first 12 months' but they don't tell you that it's really deferred interest: if you don't pay off your balance at the end of 12 months, they add back all the interest that they have been deferring at a 23% rate!!! I would have been better charging my medical emergency fees to a high interest credit card! I will never be able to pay off my account seeing how it earned over $1,000 in interest every month. I will help anyone sue this company!!!

Plus, just like so many other people have posted, they are RUDE!!!


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They are extremely rude. But having the "entire call monitored it recorded" doesn't scare me.

I'm just as rude when they get rude with me. It saved my dogs life, but I cannon stand this *** company and the way they treat paying customers.


Bs. Don't get a credit card unless you are sure you can pay off your debt while there is no interest.

Be a responsible adult. Carecredit is generous enough to give you interest free period


Seriously, people, Care Credit is actually one of the best credit deals out there. As long as you pay it off within 12 months (or whatever the promotional period is). This is straightforward, common loan terms, and is most DEFINITELY not usury or "loan-sharking". :roll You need to educate yourself as to what you're signing before you sign it.

Like others on here, I just set up a recurring payment to make sure it got paid off before the promo period ended. My only hassle was avoiding overpaying on the last payment, I had to do that one manually. Done within 12 months, and no interest to worry about.

If you sign something that you don't understand, that's on you. Your mommy and daddy aren't going to come save you. Grow up, take responsibility for yourself and your debts.

Oh, and if you ARE mommy and daddy... that goes for you, too. Don't agree to pay a debt (ie cosign) if you aren't able to pay that debt.

Stop blaming others for your own bad decisions.


If anyone says they didn't know how this works they should have read the contract. (As with any contract it's all in there).

Also, as with any credit,and it says this on the monthly statement, if you make the minimum payment it will take you longer and you pay more interest.

I'm sorry but that is common knowledge. DO YOU'RE HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Debbie Padua

Debbie, they are *** artists...taking advantage of anyone who has no other means to pay.

Learn to spell....."your" not "you're"


"*** artists?" I don't think that means what you think it means. It's all there in the contract.

The only thing they're taking advantage of is how some people don't pay attention and educate themselves on how credit works in the first place.

If you couldn't figure out the contract, I can understand how you might be feeling tricked, but, honestly, the person who tricked you was you. You conned yourself when you signed something you didn't understand.


I went to a dentist who never said anything about carecredit but took my personal info from the usual form the quacks give you about med history etc. The quack them forged my name on an application.

the first thing I heard about cc was 2 weeks later when I got a bill for $4000. There's alot more I won't bother going into but don't use anyone who uses cc.

They are nothing but thieves.BTW for the jerks who say I didn't read the fine print there's only one problem, I was never given any fine print in the first place, ***. You probably work for them anyway

The quack is "Perfect Smile" in Red Bank,NJ.

More like perfect thieves.


So you went to the dentist and then were surprised when he presented you with a bill? Right, only shady no-good quacks expect payment for their services.


If your doc signed you up for credit without your permission, that's fraud :eek (not quackery) and you should stop being a victim and take them to court immediately.

If what you say is true, you'll be off the hook and probably able to get punitive damages out of the deal. 8)


First of all, let me say that I am NOT related to Care Credit other than being one of their cardholders. I have had a Care Credit Card for 5 years and have NEVER paid one cent worth of interest.

There are a couple of things I would like to point out. Everything that they do is clearly outlined in their contract. They are just like other businesses, they want to make money, they don't do it out of kindness and generosity. If you follow the guidelines, you will never have any trouble.

I monitor my account carefully online. Not only are your promotional purchases outlined clearly, but they even give you a red warning whenever one of the promotional balances is coming due. Making minimum payments is what they want you to do, because that is where they make their money. When I make a purchase, I divide the total purchase by the number of months in that promotional period and that gives me the payment that I have to make in order to meet that deadline.

Also, not only do you have to pay that balance off, if you have other purchases on the card, you have to make the minimum payment due as well. Another thing you have to watch is making early payemnts. If you make your June payment at the end of May, then make another payment before your next payment is due, it will apply as an extra payment, not the payment for the next month. Granted, there are some things that could easily be missed.

but if you are informed and vigilant; you should be OK. This company has helped a lot of people that wouldn't normally be able to get things done, like dental, medical and emergency pet care. It's all about accountability. If you are having trouble, nine times out of ten it's your fault, not theirs.

Just remember, if you do your part, they will do theirs. I just think they get a bad rap most of the time.


I used Care Credit to get my Lasek/Lasik performed. No problems.

I also knew that it was interest free for a limited amount of time. You people who are whining and want the gov't involved, are the same type of people who caused the housing crash. You don't read the contract and when it's time to pay, it is some predatory problem!! The gov't is not here to take care of you, although that is becoming the mindset of so many.

I will also offer Care Credit in my practice. Dental insurance is a terrible payer for doctors and nor much better for patients. They are reimbursing less for procedures than they did years ago. Another part of the problem, is that so many people don't want to pay for their care.

We are not socialists!! Not yet, anyway. I'm sorry for a co-signer, with an irresponsible daughter, but none of these are Care Credit's fault. Also, find a provider who gives longer terms.

There are choices. Mine was a year for my eyes. We paid it off, and it wasn't easy.

I was in Iraq for the year after my surgery. Not making big bucks, for sure.

@E. Drew Moore, DDS, MS

Same here. It would have been just about impossible to pay the entire charge for my dental work all at once.

Care Credit made it possible for me to spread the cost over a period of months. Still not easy, but way better than putting it on a regular credit card.


Care credit cares just for their own pockets and I wonder with these credit loan sharks,how many of our congressmen and women are being paid to get reelected. It is theivery.President what will you do about these debts of your people continue to use our monies and debts to keep you in office.

Terrible don't use this company people. Loan sharks are destroying our country.

You get a card everything you do is right and to find out you pay 3 times as much for doing business with them. Double maybe I can see but 3 and 4 times as much SHAME ON YOU ALL NO SELF-RESPECT,OR MORALS


Those of you who are complaining about 'not knowing' about the interest being added onto your balance at the end of 12 months are at fault. This is what happens when you don't read the fine print.

My vet's office (where I applied for the card) explained it to me very clearly, but I still took the time to read the form to make sure they hadn't forgotten anything, and to make sure I understood the terms. When I signed up, it was no interest if paid in full in 6 months rather than 12, and that whole 'in full' part is the key. It's all very clear, and it's your own fault if you didn't read or understand the terms. As for the person complaining about his/her mother losing everything in the flood and not being able to get anything due to her ruined credit - that is a terrible situation to be in and I'm very sorry for your mother, but it's your sister's fault, not CareCredit's.

And it's partially your mother's fault for co-signing in the first place. You don't co-sign for someone unless you are absolutely certain they won't *** over, and even then you should be sure you have a way to guarantee they will always pay. The company is not responsible for your mother's ruined credit, your sister is.

From everything I've seen here, this company has done nothing wrong. And no, I don't work for them - just FYI for those who are convinced anything positive can only come from the company itself


Those of you that are mailing (snail mail) are opening yourselves up to this "late fee" ***. If you use online bill payment, you'll get an instant receipt, with the true date of payment.

Also, I worked for the US Postal Service, they have a delivery guarantee, 3 days for a first class letter.

If you mail in time to meet the payment deadline and they claim it arrived late, you can file a claim with the USPS for the late payment. Of course they don't want you to know that!


It clearly states in huge bold print the outrageous back interest rates on the application. Carecredit saved our dog's life and we never had a problem with them, just have to pay it off before the promotion period.


Well, one thing you can do is file a Chapter Seven Bankruptcy Petition if you can't pay your medical bills. Another thing would be to file a lawsuit for misrepresentation and fraud for usury(excessive interest).


thanks for all the imfo iam glad i read it i will never deal with this company


I bet you people who are on here saying "Oh I LOVE Care Credit!" work for them also. We have paid on time, we have called and asked questions, we have paid more then was expected, etc...Your not reading these comments correctly!! :( Care Credit is using unsavory practices, period.


:cry OMG these people at Care Credit are killing us! We are paying a 29.99% Interest and I feel like we'll never get out from under them!

I just got a Promotional Purchase offer if we pay $1,590 in the next 2 weeks then we won't have to pay as big a fee on the first time we used the card? Huh? We don't understand. They are saying that we have used it 4 times so it's like 4 different credit cards?!

WTH? Is this even LEGAL? I'm so sorry for everyone who has this. I am disabled and get no money coming in just my husbands and we live pay check to paycheck.

How are we ever going to do this? I can't sleep because I'm worried sick...They are EVIL, Greedy Bas*ards...


If you don't have any money, then you shouldn't be buying stuff. If you don't want to pay 29.99%, then don't charge anything.

As for the 4-times stuff you're talking about, I'm assuming you mean how the promotional period applies to each new charge separately? I LIKE that part, because it means I can make sure to pay off each debt within the 12 month period without stressing that the new charge will make a massive increase to the payment. This isn't a credit card like you carry around with you to buy gas, you should get out your cardmember agreement and read it carefully, or let someone who understands it explain it to you.

Just because you don't understand how this works (it's pretty basic) doesn't mean they're greedy, or evil. They're a business, and they're in it to make money, you have to expect that and work with it.

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