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I was enrolled to Care Credit through my dental office for an invislign treatment ($4,250 in total) since February 2009 with an interest-free promotion period of 12 month. I signed a contract at the dental office for a monthly payment of $354. So we opened the online account and set up the auto pay from our checking account. Assuming that monthly payment would pay off the loan within its own term, we did not look closely at this loan ever since. However, the cost of the oversight is huge.

Two days ago, after receiving the first paper statement from GE Capital Bank, I was shocked that I have been paying the extremely high interest rate (26.99%) for nearly two years, and the money that I paid for interest alone amounts to nearly $3,000! I was surprised why I was only paying the minimum payment during the first year? Didn't I suppose to pay $354/monthly for 12 months as it was stated in the contract I signed? And why I did not receive any alert reporting this abnormal payment?

I have searched the internet and see many angry customers of Care Credit, this company is really deceptive! I would rather to pay a lawyer to get this evil business down! Anyone can help? Please email to

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I'd like to take some kind of action against these guys.


I had a similar situation. I'm curious if you were able to ever resolve this?


I have used care credit for YEARS! First working in a VET office that used care credit as a service to their clients.

AND to purchase glasses and Dental services! It is very clear that the amount must be paid within a certain period OR retroactive interest WILL be applied. You are acting like a victim and then blaming CARE CREDIT when you DID not READ THE BILL that CLEARLY states EACH month how much is owed and and what the DATE is that the Balance must be paid.

If you had called, I believe they would have worked with you. If you had paid it off in time, there would have been NO INTEREST!

They provide a great service if you know the rules!


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I’m sorry you have experienced issues with your GE Capital Retail Bank account. We would like to try and resolve your concerns and will email you at the address you provided. You may also email me at with your name and phone number.

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