Huntington, Vermont
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Grrrrrrr I'm so angry. Never had a problem with Care Credit before - always tried to pay off my balance well before the time was up.

We have a fairly large bill now. I went online and tried to make a payment and they cancelled it saying I have a 0 balance. Tried again thinking that maybe I put something in wrong. Again cancelled.

Called (India? sounded like it) today and they told me I have to wait until I get my bill - in 3 WEEKS!! I explained that since we have so many bills coming in I try to pay something out of each paycheck. I guess that wasn't on her list of responses because she kept telling me I have to wait to have my bill mailed to me.

Now I don't even know if they switched off my e-mail notification and I have to wait for a paper bill. We just got over the bills from a sick dog and now we're catching up on dental. My son is having 4 wisdom teeth removed in a month. What if the dog relapses?

There is not going to be anything available when we need it.

It used to be a god send. VERY disappointed in what Care Credit is becoming

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Hi Nancy - I'm so glad we were able to assist you. Thank you for taking the time to post a follow up - we really appreciated it!



GE Capital


Sent an e-mail to above address an was called immediately. Took my payment. Faith is being restored :)


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I'm sorry you're experiencing problems with your account. We'd like to help. Please email me at with the following information:

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