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I pay my care credit account timely every month - one month I paid at the beginning of the month and then again right at then end for the next month, thinking this would put me one month ahead of schedule. Now I've been charged a late fee.

I'm a month early for pete's sake!!! Now I get harassing calls from their collection department for a late fee I don't deserve! I've explained over and over and over - finally they understood that I am not in fact late and reversed the fee, but NOW there is another mysterious $10 that they say I owe them b/c they generated the bill with the incorrect late fee! I just can't believe how ridiculous this whole situation is.

I'm paying early, yet getting late fees, and now b/c of their admitted mistake, they still expect more money and continue to harass me.

I will never, ever, use this company again. They lost business for good.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

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This is not a car loan. You can't just make an extra payment in the same billing period and expect it to go towards the following month.

If your statement hadn't printed yet and you made a 2nd payment, it applies to that billing cycle, not the following one. You deserved that late fee.


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