Lubbock, Texas

First of all, let me say that I am NOT related to Care Credit other than being one of their cardholders. I have had a Care Credit Card for 5 years and have NEVER paid one cent worth of interest.

There are a couple of things I would like to point out. Everything that they do is clearly outlined in their contract. They are just like other businesses, they want to make money, they don't do it out of kindness and generosity. If you follow the guidelines, you will never have any trouble.

I monitor my account carefully online. Not only are your promotional purchases outlined clearly, but they even give you a red warning whenever one of the promotional balances is coming due. Making minimum payments is what they want you to do, because that is where they make their money. When I make a purchase, I divide the total purchase by the number of months in that promotional period and that gives me the payment that I have to make in order to meet that deadline.

Also, not only do you have to pay that balance off, if you have other purchases on the card, you have to make the minimum payment due as well. Another thing you have to watch is making early payemnts. If you make your June payment at the end of May, then make another payment before your next payment is due, it will apply as an extra payment, not the payment for the next month. Granted, there are some things that could easily be missed.

but if you are informed and vigilant; you should be OK. This company has helped a lot of people that wouldn't normally be able to get things done, like dental, medical and emergency pet care. It's all about accountability. If you are having trouble, nine times out of ten it's your fault, not theirs.

Just remember, if you do your part, they will do theirs. I just think they get a bad rap most of the time.

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Care credit must be run by democrats.


I have never had a problem w/ care credit. A few times I was late, and had to pay some late fees, but I'm all payed off w/o interest or problems.

I'm grateful I had care credit. My friend Allie also used CC and never had a problem either.


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