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My original bill with Care Credit, from 2009, was $200. Several payments toward that were made and the balance never decreased.

All the payment amounts went toward interest. I stopped making payments for that reason and because of family emergencies. The rep who called to tell me that I owe $500 at this point refused to negotiate. I have no intention of paying that much.

Whether it is legal to charge that much interest is not my concern. I plan to make similar posts on any consumer complaint website I locate so that anyone considering opening an account will be cautioned.

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With Care Credit never ever ever miss a payment, even by a day, they will jack your rate up to 29.99%, charge your $35 late fee, and then lock your account so the only way you can pay is to call them.

When you call you will be talking to someone in India who doesn't give a *** about why, their instructions are to only get a payment anyway they can.

They will not transfer you to a supervisor, they will not unlock your account, and they will not discuss your rate, period.

Once you make a payment and you pay the late charge, they will unlock your account, but thats it. They don't care why you were late, your rate is now designed to make your debt almost unpayable.

Welcome to the world of Care Credit.

The best way to fight back is at the source. I told my dentist that my family will no longer be using his services as he recommended Care Credit.

I wonder if the Dentist / Doctors etc get a kick back for each account opened, it would explain why they push it so hard.

So if you value your sanity, avoid Care Credit at all costs.....you have been warned.


The total bill was $200??? Honestly, I don't understand why such a small bill has not been paid in 3 years. They give you a minimum of 6 months no interest, and even with interest - that bill should not have been a problem to pay off.


**Reference DM 031412_pc_JaneM**


I apologize for the frustrations you have experienced. We'd like the opportunity to speak with you regarding your account. Our consumer advocacy team will contact you via the phone number associated with your account.

You may also contact them directly at gecapitalcares@ge.com. Please reference DM case 031412_pc_JaneM.



GE Capital


Whos concern is it? Your the one who signed it so you owe it !!!!!!! Grow up DEADBEAT!!!!!


Whos concern is it? Your the one who signed it so you owe it !!!!!!! Grow up DEADBEAT!!!!!

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