Landrum, South Carolina
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in 2008 I opened an account with Care Credit for hearing aides in the amount of 4314.00 as of today 06/11/2012 they are sayingI still owe 3782.00 and 454.00 past due. I pay every month and have copy of my checks , i have called several times trying to resolve this matter and get a letter saying i am not past due and a payment history on why I still owe so much all of my calls are sent over seas and i have a hrd time ubderstaing any of them and I still get no where.

Care credit not only has ripped me off at 80 years old but ruined my credit over this account.

what do I do next? contact an attorney?

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

Monetary Loss: $4300.

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Danbury, Connecticut, United States #959839

Care Credit charged me more than my doctor did. My doctor gave me a senior discount and Care Credit charged me the full amount.

Plus they never sent a statement as promised & by the time I went on line to try & get a mailed statement I was listed as 2 days past due. Wound up having to pay late fee plus the senior discount. Will never use them again.

Stick to your normal credit cards. They do not pad fees.


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