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I charged $5k of dental work. $1800 of the charges were not performed and the dentist agreed to refund my money until I refused to sign a release and a non-disclosure form for the quack dentistry I opted not to continue.

I disputed the charge and sent supporting documentation including a letter from the dentist stating he would refund the money. I received notification from Care Credit that they denied the claim. The representatives were useless and I paid up. I sent a demand letter to the dentist and filed in court.

The dentist did return my money for the services not perform. Care Credit would not, even after providing all that proof. Care Credit sucks.

They side with the Providers not the consumers. After all, it's the providers who peddle these cards to the consumers.

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It's not up to CareCredit to refund your money. Taking the dentist to court as you did was the appropriate action to take.

Asking CareCredit to refund your money is the same as asking a credit card company to refund your money for a bad purchase you made.

They won't do it either. Basically ALL credi card companies are loaning you money to do something, they are not responsible if you make the wrong choice.


I am in a similiar situation and was wondering if you had to get a lawyer to represent you in court. Were you unable to be refunded until you wend to court? How long was the process and what did you have to pay the lawyer, if needed, and court fees.


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I'm sorry you experienced this. We'd like to assist with your concern. Please email me at with the following information:

-The full name associated with the account

-Mailing address associated with the account

-Your contact phone number

-Reference code DMCC041811

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email




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