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I was planning to use my Care Credit Card $9000.00 in order to finance a surgery that had originally been scheduled for February 2014, but was rescheduled by my doctor. The new surgery date is for August.I had to put a $1000.00 non-refundable deposit down in order to reserve the date. I have also purchased airline tickets and set my time off with my employer.

Yesterday I happened to pull up my credit report and saw that my Care Credit Account which had a $0 balance due to the fact that I was keeping it clear so i could finance my surgery. it showed that my account had been closed as of this month. I freaked out when i saw this, and tried to call them right away. The customer service department was already closed, so i tossed and turned all night worried and extremely frustrated. The following day, I called them again to find out why this error had occurred. I had never been contacted to ask me if i wanted to close the account, The very rude customer service representative informed me that it had been closed due to inactivity. I had only opened it last year after my consultation with my surgeon. He uses Care Credit as the main financing option for patients. I informed the Care Credit customer service Representative that the reason it hadn't been used yet was because I had was reserving that line of credit in order to finance an upcoming surgery. I requested that my account be re-opened and she told me that I would have to reapply. I was so angry I asked to speak to a manager. She conceeded after much resistance, and proceeded to keep me on hold for 10 minutes. I think she was trying to get me to hang up.

When I spoke with the equally rude if not more rude manager she said there was no way to re-open my account. I needed to reapply. I knew I probably wouldnt requalify at the $9000 credit limit and tried to contact them via their website, which apparently I have been locked out of.

The only real recourse I have, is to convince my doctor to start using a different company for patient financing. He has a very lucrative practice, and when they lose him, I believe they may learn to treat their customers in a more acceptable manner.

I am now stuck, and most likely will have to cancel my surgery.

Thanks, Care Credit/ GE Capital/Synchrony Bank!..

FYI....I just tried to reapply as they told me to and was denied!

What a horrendous company! Stay far away from this one!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

Monetary Loss: $9000.

  • Financing my surgery
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Anyone with an account closed for inactivity by Care Credit that would like to join a potential law suit please respond.


they closed all 3 of our accounts as soon as they were paid in full. 2 Care credit cards and 1 mattress firm card.


im ready


yes, include me and my hubby...they closed both our accounts after we made every single payment on time for two years. we were going to have some much needed dental work done finally and they just closed both accounts with not a word.

called and spoke to every single supervisor and manager and all told me same thing, that i need to call transunion because it a decision based on info from the credit bureau. transunion told me that are sick and tired of care credit telling people this lie. they say its care credits choice to do this. how is this the way to treat good and perfect paying customers.

they didnt even look at my payment history at all.

i reapply like they said and was denied , both of us , which is insane because our credit is much better now than when we were originally approved 2 years ago. i would love to sue their sorry *** for this unfair treatment.


Google 6 reasons why my credit card was closed.If you're not using the thing, you're out. It's as simple as that.

You can't hold onto the card as some kind of insurance or to boost your credit score and not use it.They're in the business to make money.

If you're not using it, they'll close you down and move the credit to someone who will make them money..It's that simple.OK...Go... I must work for (insert company).


They closed mine to. It was 0 balance, paid on time. Reapplied, denied.


Same happened to me. Account closed, zero balance, never informed about it. Needless to say, I will NOT reopen the account


Happened to me too! Had a zero balance and went to use it and was denied.

Never got a letter about the closing.

Found out only when I went to use it for my pet! Tried to reapply and was denied then too!


The same thing happened to me. I just goy a letter in the mail letting me know my account is closed because I haven't used it.

Well I just paid my account off a month ago and was planning on using it again next week to take my children to the dentist.

I will not reapply and I will never use this company again.


Doctors please use other financing companies. Why do these people seem to have a monopoly as the financing company available through every dentist I've visited?

They are about as far from caring as you can get. I've applied several times and have not been approved even though I have a good payment history and income. In addition, every representative I've talked to has been rude.

The are not here to help! Don't believe the lie.


If I were you I would go back & look at all my statements. I can almost guarantee you have been screwed out of money "Illegally".

You can put these review numbers in 488834, 483913, 483025, 481983, 479336, 478478 ,520251, 572301. All of these posts have copies of actual documents where you can see just how "Crooked" they are & how they obtain there "Billions". You can also go to You Tube & type in ge capital retail pay pal & watch a short clip that I made. I will be making more clips to.

If you can't view it then go to images & type the same thing & it will take you to the You Tube site where the clip is. It is better the view the clip on your phone there are less stops in the clip just look for the "Green Snakes" it is an appropriate piece of art that fits these "Crooks" to a "T"! They get there math skills from the seventh planet in our solar system from the sun. On Rip-Off Report#1140625 you can read the "Rebuttal" to one of my posts from an "Employee" that works for these "Crooks".

They are also trying to get "Class Action Lawsuits" to be dismissed & not allowed. You also might want to find out if you are one of the millions of customers who received monies etc., from a lawsuit that was filed against them for millions of dollars for being deceitful.

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