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So my husband needed dental work and his dad co-signed for care credit. Long story short he never got the work done and I decided to use it for me and my kids and it came out to $900.

Well before it was at $2200 and they were charging $200 a month, because the *** DOSSETT DENTAL FRISCO, TX charged the card before my husband even had the work done. Well long story short CARE CREDIT AKA GE BANK would not adjust it and I have now paid $349 on a $900 balance with a supposed 0% interest!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and now somehow I still owe $773.... Where the H*** did the $349 go??????

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Credit Card.

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Angela - We'd like to review your account and ensure you are not paying for services not rendered.

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