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Watch out for the deferred apr that kicks in after you 0% interest payment time is over. This company does nothing to help its customers with a reminder of the 0% time limit ending.

They just hide in the dark then rob you in your sleep. Use another source to pay your medical bills. The customer service is useless and has a long wait period.

Care credit does nothing positive for their customers in long-term payment situations to continue a low apr rate. I can't wait tocut this card in half and throw it in the garbadge where it belongs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Credit Card.

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The majority of complaints on this site are people not reading what they sign up for, or complaining that they are being charged interest once there promotional period is over

Take some personal responsibility.


Thanks to this site i was able to reach someone from GE care credit who was able to reverse my years intrest they sent at end of promotion and let me pay off ballence (intrest free) . I followed link in comment to gecapitalcares and emailed them.

They called back in about 30 min. Was very nice. Name was Bonnie.

Why customer care was so rude at phone # on ge site earlier ( told me there was nothing that could be done) i dont know. Thanks for saving me alot of money, Rob :grin :grin


I think there is a special place in *** for companies who take advantage of people needing medical or dental treatment. Not talking about Botox but treatment for pain, infections, etc. They know full well that few people can afford to pay for thousands of dollars of treatment in just a few months - and they take advantage of that.


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