Norwalk, Connecticut
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Last month I called care credit because I noticed that the accounts were not going down like they should have been. I was told that when you make a payment above the minimum, the excess does not get put towards the balance that is expiring the soonest.

The past two years I have made payments and was under the impression that other than the min balance, the money would be used to go towards the necessary charge. If that had been the case, the correct charge would be paid off today and I would not have the issue of a promotional purchase expiring before being paid.

I am very confused why I would be getting charged interest on top of interest and why I can't get a copy of any receipt. I can't even see the purchases/what they were on the account statement or estatement like any other financial institution would allow you to do.

This seems illegal to not have a copy of something that is apparently a binding contract but that expects me to be accountable for these funds.

I spoke with a woman this evening who was condescending and stated that 2 years is a long time and that it was enough time for me to have paid it off. I can't believe any customer service person could speak or think that way at any company let alone for a company that is supposed to be helping people financially.

I would not suggest this company by any means. I honestly don't know of another option when you're desperate and need money for dental work but I would avoid care credit at all costs. Still can't believe I am in this situation today. Disappointed in the company I spread to so many people. Such a shame.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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