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Booked a free consultation the day after I went online with CareCredit, and received a dental pre-approval amount for $10,000.00. Trusted dental provider with email showing pre-approved credit, during discussion of proposed treatment plan which included information regarding down payments. My bad to trust a dentist who is supposed to be an ethical and trustworthy professional, just because they are a provider does not mean they are honest or ethical or operating with fair business practices. Provider went online in same room as exam took place, increased my credit by $6500, showed me payment options. Super bad I did not walk out at this point, but I still trusted provider when stated no rush, understood that I needed and wanted to discuss with spouse first before any commitment, and could decide if payments were opted for, which plan could be advised anytime the following week.

Two business days later when checked in for first scheduled treatment appointment, was asked for down payment, advised came early before appointment as did not want to make a down payment until discussed new treatment plan with dentist as did not understand or approve the previous estimate given. The same misleading and deceptive office manager came up, said desk made a mistake, everything was taken "care of". Went ahead and expressed concerns to this office manger and dentist, was assured if went ahead with root canal therapy was assured would leave office that day with a plan that worked for me and understanding all charges. Did not happen. Only discussion was by dentist with my mouth still very numbed, at end of visit that I could not change original estimated treatment plan as would cost additional $20,000.00. Problems after root canal, called office twice next few days,advised only person who could speak with me about my treatment or understanding work and charges"out of town" for 6 days after the root canal treatment. During this time also learned that provider charged credit card without authorization the date of free consultation the pre-estimate I had signed acknowledging estimate only honored for up to 6 months. I was alerted for the first time to what was going on because provider also billed dental insurance for the same services not yet received which they had already collected from CareCredit and billed and since have fraudulently kept all payments by dental insurance too.

As soon as learned of unauthorized charges within week, called CareCredit, did as suggested,waited till was allowed to speak to provider to seek they reverse the unauthorized charges. Provider confronted with their dishonestly, misleading and deceptive practices and with my husband as my witness, no visit, confrontation only,provider found everything comical. Not a visit, stood the whole time, yet later also showed on their ledger as "2nd consultation" even though I advised the date of the root canal I wanted a different treatment plan and still had not been advised that date of the unauthorized charges by provider. Bottom line, charged for "free consult", unauthorized fraudulent charges for services never approved or received on both credit card and to dental insurance claims, clear intent to defraud me and my credit and insurance.

CareCredit bills interest from date provider ran the charge, when advised of unauthorized charge, contacted provider who sends in a copy of a "sales draft" NOT signed by me, to prove not my signature and as requested by CareCredit I sent CareCredit by certified mail, a clear color copy of drivers license with letter advising of unauthorized charge on date of free consultation and the misrepresentation and false charges for services not received and dis-satisfaction of botched root canal work.

CareCredit ignored the fact charges not authorized by me, states they are not a dentist or signature expert, somehow dental provider decides to credit $6800 of $15000 unauthorized charge stating for services cancelled, yet their ledgers do not add up to make any sense, its like they can do whatever they please and charge whatever they please, as CareCredit denied to reverse unauthorized charge. Thru the dispute with CareCredit learned through information sent in by dentist of their "rush" to dishonestly fabricate "stuff" in their own dental lab from the free consultation and *** impressions to "justify" for the $8000 they chose to still charge unauthorized. CareCredit in a letter "kindly" suggested I return to the dentist for their "rushed" work done during the 6 days they would not speak to me about my care or treatment plan. I've provide common sense information and facts yet received no fair consideration of consumer rights by CareCredit.

Used in past on previous dental work, have had a lifetime of much dental work, but this experience with deceptive fraudulent dentist, will never trust anyone again with confidential financial information even though they are a provider until I am ready to commit, never as an act of good faith as I did. As an elderly Type I diabetic patient in need of work, still did not get the work needed, received a bacterial infection requiring a month of doctor and lab visits after the root canal, dentist kept my loose crown. I had to see another dentist for the immediate work I originally sought help from this dentist on who only frivolously gave me a pre-estimate for work not necessary for their own financial gain. There is still dental care I need for the botched work done by this dishonest provider. Expensive lesson of trust, CareCredit does not honor consumer disputes fairly, all bias is to the provider who also gets incentive kickbacks for each transaction to CareCredit. Its a big win win for CareCredit and the providers but for consumer issues where consumer has been mislead and deceived and frauded, the consumer loses such as I did. $8000 is a lot money to steal and fraud any consumer, and then expect them to return for fabricated "stuff" then made. Definitely more regulation needed so that CareCredit shares more accountability when a consumer is fraud and charged deceptively as the other credit cards like Visa and MasterCard have.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Credit Card.

Reason of review: unauthorized charge is unauthorized charge and fraud.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

CareCredit Cons: Unfair dispute resolution bias to dentist from this experience.

  • dental fraud
  • Consumer Fraud
  • Deceptive And Unethical Practice
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Care Credit Dispute is all over, Consumer are getting ripped need to report to consumer protection agency or get trial lawyer


Why didn't you go to the Attorney General? That's what the AG is for!

That'd be the day some unscrupulous, low life, so called "dentist" and this "DO NOT CARE" Credit Company would SLITHER AWAY with $8,000.00 of MY MONEY!! No way, not in this lifetime!!


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This happened to my Wife, almost exactly as you stated. This is not right, how do we get help from the right people?

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