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A year and half ago I underwent some major dental work. I didn't have that great of dental insurance and ended up signing up for CareCredit to pay for the $3500 bill.

I was told that I would have 24 months to pay the card off interest free. So in an attempt to pay it off early I've been paying $200 each month. I was down to my last payment when I got a statement in the mail saying that my current balance is now over a $1000. I was hit by an over $900 interest charge.

I've been paying the thing every month on the same day and have never missed a payment.

I tried calling the customer service and offered to pay the remaining balance in full but was immediately told there is nothing they can do. It's disheartening after looking forward to paying the bill off for so long only to see my balance raised by $900 in interest charges when I was told I had 24 months to pay it off.

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i had to care credit a few years ago and can hardly make minimum payments as is, and when the promo was up they charged me over 400 just in interest customer service said there was nothing they can do. i got a call six months ago about them reducing my apr but when i call today they told me it will be going back up and there is nothing they can do after i told them i was trying to pay it off in the next three months. i wouldnt suggest to anyone to go to them.


Hi Sean - I'm so glad to hear we were able to assist you. Thank you for taking the time to update your post.



GE Capital


A CareCredit representative spoke with me and took care of the issue. I do appreciate the responsiveness of their call and the representative was extremely helpful.

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