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I recently had to change my tires at Discount Tire and was offered a line of no-interest credit for a discount. After receiving the paper work in the mail, I went online to register for the new account. The URL took me to GE Capital website which reminded me about another line of credit from this same entity before under the CareCredit moniker.

I had applied for care credit in 2009 for some dental work. And have setup auto-payments with them thinking that after 18 mos the money would be paid off. After a while I had forgotten about it but was confident that the debt had been taken care off.

I logged in to my account today and to my surprise my debt had not been paid off like I thought:

* I still owe more than $3511.82.

* $595.27 in interests had been charged to my account and more to be added at a cut-throat rate of 22% APR (no-interest my ***!).

I was never reminded of any pending payments or due date; no mail; no email; no text; nothing. Their auto-payment had been withrawing regular minimum-payment amounts from my bank. At which rate my balance would be paid off in 19 years! I would have had to pay an estimated $150,000 in interest! This is on an initial loan of ~$9000 with suposed no-interest.

I looked up some past statements online and they curiously do not contain any useful information such as: My initial loan amount, how much I had paid to date. I had to look these up through my bank account.

I can payoff the remaining amount, but with a huge grudge and I will stay away from GE Money/carecredit forever! And I urge everyone to do the same! This is a major scam if I have ever seen one. Their business practice suggests that their intention is to steal your money and count on you to not notice while continuing to do so. What they are doing is highly suspect and should not be legal. As far as I'm concerned they have stolen $600 from me and they would have stolen alot more had I not checked my account.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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"After a while I had forgotten about it but was confident that the debt had been taken care off."

You forgot, how is it anyone's fault but your own.


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