DO NOT use CareCredit GE Money Bank!
My wife at her Dentist suggestion used them for some cosmetic dental work that we could have paid cash for. The dentist said this was a good way to finance at 0% interest if paid in full with-in one year. After calculating our monthly payment for 12 months, and arranging for electronic payments from our bank, we agreed and proceeded to open this account. The first statement said Statement date 10/02/2006, Payment due Date 10-27-2006. All payments were made electronically prior to the due date to insure that we would NOT default on this 22.9% "loan". September 2007 was our eleventh payment and left us with a final payment of $140.00 balance (less than half of what our monthly payments had been). I was astonished when I opened our 12 th month statement to find an interest charge of $561.47. Dated October 2, 2007. On your first bill they have "Promotional Purchase Due Date, which is before you’re 'Payment Due Date' and before you’re 'Statement Due Date'. The date the statement is printed and mailed. In essence you are notified after the "Promotional Purchase Due Date" that your bill is due and you are forced to pay all interest charges from day one, not on current balance, as in my case $140.00.
They intentionally set up your payments and send your statements to you knowing that you will never figure out their scam. It may be legal, I don't know, but it sure isn’t right. And I believe that it is intentionally a deceptive billing practice. Set up to make sure that everyone who accepts there offer is fooled into paying interest from day one.

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