Buffalo, New York
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I should have not received this, because, I did not have any dental work done.

I had all of my credit reports frozen. They want to charge me, for having nothing done.

X-rays were free....I am not paying for any of this..!! I went to Gentle Dental, because I had a toothache, and I wanted them to pull the tooth. They did not pull my tooth. They took e-rays, and told me, what they wanted to do, with all of my teeth.

I said, NO, I'm in my late 60's, and I have a bad medical condition. So, they think, I should be buried, with beautiful teeth. I left. They are nuts.!!

They have, way too many girls in that office, standing around doing nothing. I never even talked to a professional dentist.

Don't go to Gentle dentistry.

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I had a similar experience. I went to Aspen Dental for a toothache.

They took a "free" x-ray of my teeth. I needed a root canal & was referred to an endodontist who performed the procedure. I received a bill from Carecredit for $2000!

Tried to resolve but ended up on my credit report anyway. Never again!


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I went to Gentle dentistry, because I had a toothace. They never pulled it.

The thing, that they did was take x-rays. X-rays are free. They told me to back in a week. They came me an estimate, what has to be done.

$3,000.00 I only have bottom teeth.

I told me NO WAY. I'm in my 60's and on social security. Then a bill in the bill, for $3,000.00.

That did not do anything. I never went back !!


my name is judy newell Ref# DM 022211_ccgd

my phone number is 716 901 6285..

jud newell

5074 transit road

depew, new york 14043 apt 108

care credit # 6019183093108314

Ask Gentle Dentistry, for a break down, of what was done, to get a total of $3,914.78

Wow. they got all this done, in one visit.

all they did was take a x-ray. I know, that a x-ray, can not be $3,914.78 What a scam !! My attorney, says you pay, after the work is done. I will never go back there. Cancel the credit card, of which I did not want or order. If this is not terminated, by the end of this month, Attorney actions with we started.


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