I applied for this card about 5 years ago or so...I had to use it for emergency dental work,,,I charged 4,000 and agreed to 165 per month,,,I went to pay this off and was told I had interest on the 4,000 as a promotional after 18 months but I never signed up for a promotional item....they said it was a problem with my dentist and there was nothing I could do. I reported them to the BBB and the Maryland Consumer Attorney Generals office for FRAUD on this promo item I never agreed to.

When my card was charged at the dentist I signed the receipt and received my first bill stating 165 due and received that every month until I decided to pay it off then they said I had to pay 2 years interest due on promo items. Told them to shove up their butt,,,the rep was extremelly rude and told me to shove it up mine and hung up.

Needless to say, I wont the BBB and received a favorable response from the Attorney General's office. I have since cancelled Care Credit and when my dentist or my vet ask me to apply I tell them like the rep at carecredit told me,,, shove it!

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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GE Capital

Hercules, California, United States #603742

Having signed up for Care Credit for some cosmetic surgery, I asked that the account be set-up so-as to allow not only a deminishing balance with payments, but also reduced monthly payments. Despite this, the payments remain high despite the declining balance, if payments are made too early, they are credited to the prior months statement forcing me to make another payment due to their bookkeeping error, they can't change the due date or account type, and they won't permit payments with a credit or debit card.

Only checking and savings accounts are allowed. Once I can afford to transfer my balance to another, any, credit card, I am going to do so due to having to spend too many hours on the phone with them arguing over their bookkeeping errors.

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