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Loan Shark Practices- Like most of the others on here I was approved for a $5,500 loan interest free for 12 months. I paid $5,100 off and had $400 left my next bill showed a $2,400 so I went from owing $400 to $2,800 just like that.

They told me I did not live up to the terms of the contract and even if I had paid $5,499 at the end of 12 months I owe interest on all that entire balance if the account is not paid in full. CareCredit if you can, they are only interest in taking advantage of you. I am amazed that they are allowed to operate as they do in this country without any consequence.

I received a ton of calls from a collection agency who demanded I pay the entire sum which is now about $4,000.

The amount keeps increasing. I told them I will only pay what I truly owe and not a penny more. They continued to call so I evoked the Fair Dept Collection Act on them which stopped the calls.

I received a letter from an attorney's office yesterday threatening to sue me. Talk about a nightmare.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

Monetary Loss: $2400.

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I'm always amazed how many losers dont want to pay their bills and then whine when someone wants them too. I used to be a bill collector and I saw this all the time. These people deserve to start having stuff repo'd

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