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CareCredit/GEMB - Same story as the others: "interest-free" payments for oral surgery procedure if paid in full in one year or less. I sent documented payments religiously, always with extra...just in case.

Standard operating procedure - they claimed they never received several payments, assessing "late charges" and other penalties. After an hour + wait (totally illegal in itself) to talk with rude telephone personnel, I faxed copies of the cancelled checks and drafts which they also "never received". Yeah, right. Sent them again via registered mail.

They still denied receiving proof of payment. Nothing resolved.

Hoping to collect with class-action suit.

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Find out who started/owns that company, find out where they live, go pay them a visit during the holidays (while their families are there) do your thing.



Apparently you HAVE NOT READ the other posts. These *** DO NOT CARE if you make the payments on-time.

However, I'm glad you had a good experience (if you are for real and not a Care Credit employee).





I have been a customer of Care Credit for over two years. Thanks to their program I was able to finance a full set of dentures that were badly needed. I did my diligence and researched options available to me, and decided to go with Care Credit.

My relationship with Care Credit has been flawless - because I MAKE MY PAYMENTS ON TIME!

I check my credit report three times a year and each of the three major credit reporting agencies has a positive record for my experience with Care Credit.

Not sure why there are negative comments on this site concerning Care Credit...Care Credit is here to help you, not make your life unbearable...but you must understand that there are rules that must be followed - like PAYING ON TIME!


I paid my pmt early and they assessed a later fee because they said it did not register, in fact I paid them off twice.


They keep tacking on my account too.. I payed them $140 in july and just now made them a payment of $4.00 oh well. and I went from like $2,000 to $2,700 sence July of 2012 to now!Icant pay them what they want!


I recently paid over $685 in payments to these idiots. I told them I wanted all of it allocated to the promotional items.

Only $153 of it went to the promotional items and the rest they put on the full balance.

Now they are going to charge me interest on things that were paid off as I requested. And when I called even the supervisors were RUDE!!!!


I am personally investigating several issues with dental bills i charged to care credit account. I am not finished but so far there are too many questions about fees and charges....If there are any civil suits going on please POST!!!!!!!


A year or so after the fact, A GE rep was responding to people (including myself) who commented on the CareCredit/GE MoneyBank scam on another consumer website,, and I believe on this one as well.

As I had already beat them in court, I didn't pursue the offer, however, others got a refund + interest. Suggest you look at all the past complaints under CareCredit, GE Moneybank and other derivatives of the name.

"Just stop paying them" would work as far as finally getting a court hearing, however, CareCredit/GE MoneyBank will trash your credit in the meantime.

Best of luck to you all.


Stop paying them, If they can't be honest with you the screw them.


As a senior citizen recent cosmetic surgeon patient who had the option of either putting surgical fees on several credit cards, or charging it on one Care Credit card, after explaining to the doctors office my intention of transferring a majority of the charges to lower and/or no interest credit cards, after making a $3,000.00 balance transfer, my Care Credit $202.00 per month payments stayed the same despite my four phone calls to Care Credit and the doctors office. Use any other method of payment other than Care Credit.


Was doing some research on CareCredit because I need some extensive dental work done. I am so glad I did the research, because your comments have saved me from making, what could have been, a huge mistake.

I will just have to wait until I can save up the needed funding to have the work done. Thanks to everyone for making the posts that you did.

I am sincerely grateful for your help. Hopefully, others will read this before falling into the 'trap'.


I worked for Dial America the company that sells the debit cancellation program to the very elderly and also people who didn't speak English very well. but as long as we got them to say yes..Regardless if they have a clear understanding as to what they had just enrolled in..I left I couldn't sleep at night.

These group of people are not the only one's be scammed..It's the sale people too!! If your having a good day or week with your sales. They control the calls you get. Ex; If you having a good sales day, they will switch you into a que that are nearly impossible to sell Ex; Dillard American Express,Banana Republic Discover,Sam Club Discover.

so they are paying $8 hr instead of up to $11 per hour.

so they control your not just the people who are the elderly or people with language barriers are being scammed so are people who work for Dial America. GE and Dial America SHAME on you for trying to take every penny away from people who are hard working Americans and trying to live on $8-11 per hour..


Wife has been paying for over 2 years on an $800 bill from having a crown put on a tooth. Not sure how much she paid the first year but from last Oct to today she's paid $476 bucks and CC says she still owes $796 bucks, Care Credit is a total scam. Where can we sign up for the class action suit against them?



Try emailing Nicole at with the following information:

- The full name associated with the account

- Mailing address associated with the account

- Your contact phone number

Some people have had luck with this.

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.


Has anyone contacted the Better Business Bureau about this?

I got entangled with these guys when I had to take my sister's dog to the vet (the dog died anyway)

I have been paying these guys since last year, with the minimum payment since I am on SSI/SSDI. Now I have been late a *few* times, but my recent bill showed a late fee on it. I got my money order on the thirteenth of July and sent it out on the 15th of July. The statement said that they received on the 19th of July, which was the due date. My mother said that if it was postmarked the 15th then I shouldn't be charged with late fees. I don't know if that is true or not.

Also, I kept getting calls saying that they didn't receive my July payment so I called them and they said that my money order payment wasn't in the system! So I had to copy my money order receipt (I didn't have the bill statement) and send it to the pay center. They mailed me back and said they weren't crediting me because the money order receipt "wasn't enough evidence" Now, I called them back for some reason and now they told me that they DID receive the July payment. Weird.

I haven't been able to get my total bill down because of late fees and interests. Oh and I was supposed to have 0% interest for six months but they tacked on the 14% right from the start. I don't have the earlier statements though.

Has anyone else gotten the same thing? My mom keeps telling me to alert the BBB but I doubt that's going to do anything. It's too hard to fight against these companies because they know how to cover their a***es while screwing in yours.


They are the worst company to deal with..we missed 1 timely payment and they charged me all the back interest just for 1 late payment.we were on vacation and forgot to pay before leaving..since then I told my dentist to avoid to recommend any charges to Care Credit and told them to avoid them like a pest.


I'm sorry you're experiencing problems with your CareCredit account. We'd like to help. Please email me at with the following information:

- The full name associated with the account

- Mailing address associated with the account

- Your contact phone number

- Reference code DM 021711_cca

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.



GE Money


If you read your bill and make your payment on time you will have no problems. Call on off hours for a shorter hold time, just like many companies.


Today my 82-year-old mother received a bill from CareCredit today. Several thousand dollars.

Since I work closely with my mother and know her finances intimately, I can tell you that she has never dealt with these miscreants...NEVER.

These people need to go back under the rock they crawled out from under.

If they think they will be getting any money out of any member of my family, there is a district attorney in my state who would love to speak with them.


All payments were sent. Two years after the final payment I had a free credit report to check to make sure nothing negative was on the report as I don't use credit cards and wanted to be assured that no one was trying to use my credit..

I only used Care Credit financing as they told me that as long as it was paid in full within 18 months, it would save me money as I would not have to pay ANY interest. When I saw the free credit report I observed their report and immediately contacted them. I sent the final payment 10 days before it was due and they said they never received it. I told them that I mailed the payment 10 days before the due date as that was was when I received my invoice.

They said I should have mailed it sooner, but I never received my invoice sooner then 10 days of the due date. I also never received any notices that showed I never made the final payment. Their free financing consists of paying in full with in 18 months, or pay a 22% interest rate on the entire amount of the loan. This is the Care Credit company and gets really bad ratings for other folks using their their credit service.

This company is a crooked lending company and was trying to scam me into paying for something that I already paid so I would have to pay some very costly fees. I contacted the company and they apologized and I was assured that the payments were all made and they would remove the negative report. They also replied that they sent me late notices on four occasions and I never responded. I asked them for the dates that they sent the notice and they replied that the dates were not available.

Not true. They were just trying to get money from me. Very crooked group. They later said that they did receive the payment but it was late.

Impossible as I mailed it 10 days before it was due and it was mailed from California and went to Arizona. It was one of those types of loans (Care Credit) that was a no interest loan if paid in full within 18 months. I wanted them to remove the remark FROM MY CREDIT RATING entirely, but they just posted it as paid. What good does that do for my credit rating.

I have read other people's comments about how that company does business. The final payment was not sent via pony express and was received in plenty of time. Payment received is not good enough for me. I wanted it removed entirely and not infer that I do not pay my bills on a timely basis.

Never again use a credit card.


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