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Massive interested rates aside, it's literally impossible to deal with these people and manage your account online:

You cannot email them; their "system" does not generate the email confirmations it talks about; online instructions are missing or incomplete (eg, to make a one-time online payment you have to FIRST turn off AUTOPAY - you have to CALL to find get that little tidbit of info - which means you have to re-initiate AUTOPAY after the on-time payment and suffer/risk a 30-day gap in autopay); for goodness sake, you can't even change your user name!

DO NOT TRUST THE ONLINE SYSTEM. I confirmed 3 times ON THE PHONE that my autopay amount was in their system and set to pay the $100 I set up online. Three times they said "yes". It took out $60 instead even though the CS guy confirmed as he looked at his screen that it was SUPPOSED to take the $100 autopay amount!

THEY HAVE A PROBLEM and it could well cost YOU big bucks.

Confirmations and documentation, though generated by their computers, cannot be emailed to you! They have to MAIL them!

This is General Electric: they make JET ENGINES. COVER YOUR BUTT!

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

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