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I just don't get it. I have other credit cards and never have I been charged a late fee for making an early payment.

My due date is on the 15th of the month, so last month I made my payment on the 3rd of the month. Then I decided to make another payment later in the month to get ahead on this months bills (got a tax refund which allowed me the opportunity), so I paid it on the 21st of last month, I checked this month and they have charged me a late fee. When I called they told me that the payment I made on the 21st (even though it was after the due date of the 15th for last months billing cycle), was applied to last months billing cycle. They said I needed to send all my payments after the 23rd of the month to avoid future "late fees".

So, I get charged $25 to pay my bill early??? Mike, the gentleman I spoke with informed me that they do not accept early payments.

I asked him to send me that in writing or some type of proof in their policies and he stated that it's in my bill. I don't see it in this bill here...hmmm Oh yeah...and their customer service reps are rude, sarcastic jerks!

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Hsbc, now capital one, refuses to remove late fees that were charged to me for paying EARLY!!!


They offer an interesting initial offer to get your business. After that they hold you hostage with *** like this, along with an impending interest balloon rate. They're nothing more than a payday scam.

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