Elkhorn, Nebraska

Got loan for dental work 6 years ago, same story interest free for the term of the loan. When we got to the last few payments they said we didnt pay the loan within the allotted time and charged us 27 percent back interest on the loan.

Our balance went from 400 to 1600. Since then we have been suckered into paying 172 a month payments for the last 4 years and our balance is still 2600 and they have ruined my wife's credit.

They won't let you talk with anyone competent and now they will be talking with our attorney. They owe us some change.

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code dm 021012_pc_ccd

I checked my acct on line thinking it was almost paid off.WE stated with a $2762.10 loan on 4/29/11 put it on auto pay thinking we would avoid interest. what a suprise I saw $800.00 in intrest on my acct. I dont recall

receiveing any statments

We are senior citizens on a fixed income.the$800.00 is outragous,

Can you help us?

Thank You

Patsy Glenn

6321 Pinehurst dr

N. Richland Hills Tx 76180

e-mail rleonglenn@gmail.com 817-656-3410


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