Walnut Creek, California

I chatted with a "Kevin" online regarding my status. I knew I had bad credit and I wanted to speak to someone regarding my history prior to having a credit report run and getting rejected.

I did not want another "blemish" of an inquiry and rejection on my report. "Kevin" said that in order to speak to a manager about my status, to "just fill out the form first and call in". Shocker, they ran my credit history anyway and received an immediate rejection. When I called in and spoke to manager "James #74231", he said no one would have been able to help anyway.

Why the *** couldn't Kevin say that in the first place? He implied that a manager would have been able to assist with my situation!

Now I have another blemish on my credit when I'm trying to get it fixed. ***.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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